50 Things That Make Me Happy

Sad sad sad days we’re having here.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

How totally frustrating & exhausting, right?

I saw on Tyler Oakleys Instagram that it’s important for the straight allies to show their support to the LGBTQ community during this time.

I thought I’ve always done that but realized only people that know me know I’m ride or die for the LGBTQ community – I haven’t thrown it out there to everyone via social media.  And if it helps at all, then I’d be glad to do so.  And I suggest other straight people express their support as well, if it can help during this time then why not.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Love is love, I’m disgusted by the actions of this last weekend and have no words. I literally can’t imagine & I feel heavy over this entire situation.  I’m so sorry.  To the LGBTQ community, I love you.  I feel you.  I’m with you.

PS.  You’re telling me the specific gun the Orlando shooter used is necessary to protect your families? Or hunt?   L. O. L.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

I wanted to list 50 Things That Make Me Happy.  Get back on track.  Whenever I feel sad, this is my trick – Change the focus so you’re not drowning in thoughts.



50 Things That Make Me Happy


  1. Dog dishes outside stores

  2. 73 degree weather with a little breeze

  3. Hitting publish on a blog post

  4. New, fresh, blooming flowers in my apartment

  5. Having my own apartment

  6. Blue sky & fluffy clouds

  7. Bernice looking out the kitchen window when I come home from work

  8. Public displays of affection

  9. Plane tickets &

  10. Passport stamps

  11. Ocean waves crashing

  12. Waking up without an alarm

  13. 5 Minutes of hugging Bernice so hard & her letting me

  14. Passionate, loud, conversations

  15. Honesty tickles my pickle

  16. Meeting someone who listens with intention

  17. Short shorts & bare legs

  18. A fresh, even, spray tan… that lasts several days

  19. Meeting someone from the Midwest

  20. Potatoes.  All kinds & forms. (French fries, baked & loaded, mashed, chips…)

  21. Salsa class & salsa nights

  22. Wafiq & I switching #s at boot camp so we can be on the same team

  23. At home – cooking, drinking wine, listening to jazz

  24. A steal of a deal at a sale

  25. Open minds

  26. B E I N G   K I N D & seeing others be kind ! ! ! !

  27. Givers & giving

  28. A chewy, chocolate chip cookie (x10) w/ ice cold milk

  29. New Girl reruns

  30. When the internet & Photoshop work super-fast on my laptop

  31. Dressing up & more specifically – feeling sexy

  32. Learning something new

  33. Uplifting movies (Chef, Zootopia, Pursuit of Happiness, How to be Single)

  34. Rap, or similar (Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nicki Minaj)

  35. Dancing in super strong wind

  36. A full charged phone battery

  37. Looking at goals

  38. Humble conversations about life, with no mention of money

  39. A full gas tank

  40. Long hikes when Bernice can run off leash

  41. Well behaved dogs

  42. Salty tortilla chips

  43. A ginormous garlic clove

  44. Coconut oil w/ lavender on my clean face

  45. An entire day outside, under a shade tree, with a nice breeze

  46. A full refrigerator & pantry

  47. Getting rid of “things”

  48. Showering after a sweat induced workout

  49. A fresh, super blonde highlight session

  50. FLAWS, imperfections, banged up stories

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I can probably go on for awhile, but I think 50 is a good number.

What makes you happy?!  Share pleeease 🙂

(You guys should try this, it makes you feel warm inside.)

Be extra KIND today




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