Super Casual – Intro. To 6th Street, Austin TX

Austin’s 6th Street.

 6th Street, Austin Texas,

For people who haven’t heard of it, 6th Street refers to a few blocks in downtown Austin full of bars & entertainment that is closed off to cars on the weekends –> Party central for Austin, TX.

Some people are happy about it, some people are sad about it but this part of 6th Street is also known as “Dirty 6th”.

I think you’ll understand why when you visit.

But “Dirty 6th” should not necessarily scare you away, dirty refers more to –> wild, crazy, fun, fast, carefree, everyone & everything.

It can be wild & out of control, but sometimes a little out of control is a good thing.

6th Street, Austin Texas

I became verrrry familiar with 6th Street in college and have since done my best to avoid it – but! for the sake of going outside my day to day activities I wanted to give 6th Street a try once again, & take you with me.

When you’re in college –> 6th Street is where you run to every night to get as many free drinks as possible, see classmates like you’ve never seen them before, and stumble up to a pizza window at 3am slamming down as much food as humanly possible.

For people who are out of college, or in town visiting – 6th Street can be a different place.

6th Street Austin Texas

What to wear:

Wear whatever you want! You can truly get away with anything.

This particular time, I tried to land somewhere in the middle with a sequin crop top and long maxi skirt – but do you. 

If you ever wanted to experiment with a hoochie look, this is the place to live out your dreams.   Boobs, legs, heels – You won’t feel out of place & will probably get top notch service. Why not?!

If you want to wear jeans and a T-Shirt & walk around people watching, go for it!

If you want to wear your bikini and Star Wars cape, I say go ahead!

Do you.

Missbassmaster 6th street, austin texas

Where to eat:

I’ve never explored the restaurants on 6th street (besides the 2am pizza windows or sausage carts), because there’s a ton of other restaurants downtown that are a little easier to get to, and shall we say, a bit less chaotic than the ones lining 6th Street.

Iron Cactus is probably the tourist hot spot for 6th Street, but I can’t say it’s the best. I went there once a looong time ago and wasn’t overly impressed. According to reviews, doesn’t seem to be doing a lot better now.

We took a chance on Eureka and were pleasantly surprised, would definitely go back… Big windows, chill but excited, food was fresh –> Yum!

6th Street, Austin Texas
Steak Salad & Brussel Sprouts – Delish!

And for dessert, the now open 24/7, Voodoo Doughnuts is available for your consumption.

I’m your average basic when it comes to doughnuts: Plain, Glazed, Cake all the way… {YASSSSSSSSSSSS come to me!}

BUT if you have a creative mind as far as doughnuts are concerned,  Voodoo Doughnuts will keep up with you.

6th Street, Austin Texas, Voodoo Doughnuts

What to do:

Besides the endless bars, dancing, drinking & people watching – there are souvenir shops, live music venues, a movie theater, comedy shoes, & a piano bar – all right in the heart of 6th Street. Don’t be afraid.

We went to Alamo Drafthouse – The Ritz the other night to see PopStar.  {I don’t usually like comedies, but this one was funny.  The buffalo cauliflower & wine probably helped.}

Alamo Drafthouse is much different than other theaters, it offers food + drinks + comedy & affordable prices. (I love it sooooooo much!)

They’re having a Kanye West: Glow in the Dark Sing-A-Long showing all month…?! Yes please!

* On your regular movie night at The Ritz – get a little buzz and walk around 6th Street afterwards.  That’s what we did.

There’s also Esther’s Follies right on 6th Street.  I’ll admit, although this place seems to be a long time favorite of visitors and Austinites, I’ve only seen it from the backside.  The windows open up to 6th street for passerby’s (me) but the real show is inside.

I haven’t been. I’m not sure if I’m a total comedy-magic-skit show person, but it’s on my list of things to try.  AND if you visit Austin, probably worth checking out.


6th Street Austin Texas Alamo Drafthouse The Ritz

There it is!

Your baby, introduction to 6th Street – so much easier to write about it than visit. LOL!

{Lots of alcohol induced people + sober picture taking = embarrassed MissBassmaster.} 

Per usual, if you plan ahead you won’t be as overwhelmed when you get down there.  It gets pretty crazy and drunk in the evening time so having a plan will get you through smoothly & probably with a few good stories to tell.

6th Street, Austin Texas,

Where’s your party central?!  Worth visiting or not?!

I always wonder if locals take their visitors to the popular party streets… I debate 6th Street every time, but ultimately decide it’s a place visitors want to see.

Ok, off to make out with my doggie & sleep!




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