Texas BBQ Series: Part III. La Barbecue & Franklin Barbecue

This week we’re taking on Barbecue LINES.

Austin has a couple select barbecue options that boost about their long lines, and this week I tackled them.

 Franklin Barbecue, Best Barbecue

If I’m going to do a Texas BBQ Seriesit’s my duty to bring you to the ultimate BBQ on the list – Franklin Barbecue.  And probably a competitive second — La Barbecue.

Now, I would NEVER normally wait for food. I actually would never wait in a line for anything. I don’t like lines & don’t understand the point. Whatever line I’m in, probably isn’t worth the energy.

But here I was, Sunday morning,  7am – in line for Franklin Barbecue.


I showed you a hot spot barbecue restaurant, an upscale fancy barbecue, my ride or die gas station barbecue, and now it’s time to show you the barbecue you wait in line for all day.

I had to take one for the team.


 Le Barbecue, Best Barbecue

Lines & Food Trucks = Not a fan.  But I’ll bend my rules for this.

La Barbecue’s been all the rage for BBQ in Austin lately.  Their pit master came from Franklin BBQ, (which I’ll touch on below), so good BBQ was a promising expectation.

We hit up La Barbecue on a Thursday morning.  The trailer opened at 11:00am & we arrived at approximately 10:50am.

There was a line, but I think Thursday offered a little cushion for us.

LeBarbecue, best barbecue
“The Pit” (Where they make the meat)

The BBQ here was phenomenal.  It was also expensive.

Compared to the other BBQ places I tried, this was probably the most expensive.

We ordered 1 rib that was $37.  Granted the rib fed both of us, but still, that’s rather steep… isn’t it?

 LeBarbecue, best texas barbecue

Side dishes were KILLER.  Potato salad, black bean mix, and chipotle cole slaw.. AAAhhmazing.  MMmmmmMMMmm

I’ll be honest, La Barbecue was delicious.  SUPER DELICIOUS.  I can see where people would tolerate a little wait for it.


The problem I have with these lines + barbecue, I guess for any restaurant, is the risk of selling out.

Waiting in line for a couple hours and possibly not even getting what you want to order..?  No thank you.

Sooo… there’s that.



Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue even told Kanye West to get lost.

The only person they let cut to the front of the 6 hour line was President Obama.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

Soooo, I learned quickly.. People show up EARLY to wait in line.

We arrived around 7:00am but people in front of us arrived at 5:30am!  And the line was wrapped around the building by 8:30am.  (8:30 in the morning!!!!..?!?!)

A staff member comes out to count the amount of meat each person will be ordering so they can tell the back of the line if there will be enough food left for them.

From what I saw, if you arrive past 8:30am– there’s no barbecue left for you.

Doors open at 11:00am guys.  Do the math, that’s a LOOONG wait.

And if you’re in the back of the line, you likely won’t get served until 2:00pm – 3:00pm! Eeeeeeek!!

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue
My feelings exactly

Another thing I learned from waiting in this absurd line is the enjoyment people find from it –>  Waiting in line for Franklin BBQ is more like an event.  Chairs, coolers, drinks, yard games, music.. The whole sha-bang!

And they have a great time!

Is this for me?  Absolutely not.  Wayyyy out of my comfort zone, but I can say it wasn’t terrible.

I did get some good bonding time with my princess Bernice & prince charming Wafiq.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

The staff was FANTASTIC!

I say this because, sometimes when a restaurant, or really any company or person, gets popular they turn into assholes. (<– One of the reasons I don’t wait in lines.)

But not in this case, the staff was wonderful – Super kind, rule followers, laid back, a welcoming crew.


Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

For the food. OF course it was great, I don’t think they could keep that insane of a line if it wasn’t.

We purchased every single option on the menu.  If we’re waiting in a line for 4 hours, we’re getting it ALL!


Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

If you’re curious, the pulled pork was hands down the best.

I don’t usually go for pulled pork but it was EXCELLENT.

Great, flavorful, delicious, moist, and as good as barbecue can be I suppose.

Would I wait in line again?  No.

(Have you seen lines like this before?! Insane right?!)

BUT I did it for you guys, to get a closer look, and maybe save you from the experience?

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

If you do decide to wait in line somewhere, lesson learned bring chairs, games, and drinks to keep you busy.

Franklin Barbecue, Best Texas Barbecue

My final Texas BBQ Series notes: For visitors or date night, Lambert’s is the spot!

For casual Sunday’s, I still love Rudy’s – my ride or die.

Woooooofta, the Texas BBQ Series is officially done!

I feel like I covered the range, took you there with me, and learned about some yummy new places myself.

Franklin Barbecue, best barbecue
Franklin Barbecue Dessert (I told you we ordered it all)

YAY! This weekend I can eat something other than BBQ! LOL!

Vegetarian lifestyle commencing now.


Have a fun Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope you’re wearing your red, white, blue + stars and drinking lots of beers (plural?) !!



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