What To Wear: A Backyard Barbecue

Awwww Sunday’s… I love how calm & peaceful they are, right?

Since I’ve been eating A LOT of barbecue lately for my Texas BBQ Series – I’ve gotten pretty familiar with barbecue vibes, including BBQ fashion.

If I could’ve gotten away with wearing this EXACT outfit – in all of my pictures, at each dining location – I would have…

Summer = Barbecue’s… and we’ll be ready!

What to wear to a BBQ




1. Wyatt Plaid Peplum Blouse  

I’m highly obsessed with this shirt. I want to wear it every day.  Not only is this blouse super comfortable, it’s flattering too. In my opinion, white plaid isn’t soooo plaidy – it’s fancy plaid. I love the white, I love the cut and peplum style, + I love the fit.

2. High Rise Raw Denim Shorts

These shorts are necessary for summer in general.  Easy to wear & a staple closet item. (I probably wear them too often.)

I forgot where I first learned this tipidty tip – but buying your denim shorts in a size or two larger than your normal size makes for a more lose look, less of:  my-ass cheeks-are-literally-hanging-out-the-bottom look…

3. Mia Issy Lace-Up Wedge Sandals 

Wedges are easy-to-wear heels.  Since you don’t want to walk into a backyard BBQ with a skinny heal poking into the dirt, a wedge is a perfect way to dress up the outfit appropriately.

4. Gold Tiny Heart Shape Necklace & Carole Amethyst Necklace

I’m loving the choker + long necklace combo – adds the perfect touch.

5. Joe Fresh East West Tote

If you’re like me – you’ll need a pretty big & easy bag for a backyard BBQ.  I mean, where else are you going to put your huge iPhone, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, bug spray + Vicks...??


EEEEE! Love it.

Have a great week everybody!

It’s a fresh start. Time to be positive and spread the happy!

Talk soon




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