Your PERFECT Dubai Vacation Itinerary!

Dubai! Dubai! Dubai!

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

One of the questions I get asked these days is recommendations of what to do while visiting Dubai.

Shortly after – I realized I never made a useful list of what to do when you decide to vacation in Dubai, which is really stupid considering I lived there for a year and a half.  The very LEAST I can do is help recommend what to do!

Just a heads up – Dubai is kind of spread out.  Dubai Marina is on one end, Downtown Dubai is on the other, and The Grand Mosque is in the nearby capital – Abu Dhabi

It’s VERY useful to plan your days accordingly.

10 Must-Have Items On Your Dubai Itinerary 

1. Desert Safari –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

This is A MUST DO.  One of the more obvious MUST – DO’s, but I wanted to confirm it’s worth it & you won’t be disappointed. There are tons of companies that offer the Safari trip & both the ones I went on worked out well –  plenty of other tourists, affordable, they serve alcohol & you get the entire desert experience.  The whole trip usually takes half of your day, so plan an entire afternoon here. { This company is pretty popular.}

+ Extras:  Rent Quad Bike /  Upgrade your ride / Stay overnight


2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is about 40 minutes away from Dubai Marina, but I consider it totally worth the drive. Rent a car for the day and take it out to the Mosque.  I can’t imagine traveling all the way to the Middle East, landing in Dubai for a couple days, and not taking the time to see this masterpiece. It’s indescribably grand & gorgeous. Absolutely something I would recommend.

This grand Mosque is one of many architectural reasons you MUST have a GoPro before you go to Dubai. No excuses.

+ Extras:  Visit nearby Ferrari WorldYas Waterworld


3. Dubai Souk –

I’m recommending the Souk because it’s in the old part of Dubai & is more traditional looking than the rest of the city.  Having that perspective is always important. If you’re good at bartering you can get some great deals on Dubai souvenirs, scarves, spices, decorations, ect.

They really have it all, just be ready to barter.

+ Extra: Dubai Creek Cruise


4. Rent A Yacht –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Alright. This is my number 1 recommendation, hands down.   Worth every penny spent and an absolute must if you visit Dubai.

If you’re visiting with a group, this is perfect & shockingly affordable.  If you’re visiting alone or in a small group, at the very least go check out the options at a place that rents boats and see if there’s an option you can afford. (Check GroupOn! That’s how we ended up reserving ours).  You’d be surprised how affordable taking a Yacht out is in comparison to many other Dubai activities.

You can usually spend most of your day out on the boat and it offers the most spectacular views! An overall great time.  Pack food, drinks, music, swim suits, and you’ll have a fantastic time, I promise this is a MUST!

+ Extras: Drinks & Food at Pier 7 / Dubai Marina Mall


5. Dubai Mall –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Shopping in Dubai is insane. Period.  And The Dubai Mall is where it’s at.  For obvious reasons, this is one of my recommendations.  You can really spend a lot of time and a lot of money in The Dubai Mall.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PS. As far as eating in Dubai Mall.. Go to Texas Roadhouse. LOL! Unfortunately, I didn’t like many restaurants in Dubai Mall.  If possible, go outside and eat at the Souk Al Bahar next door. There’s some yummy options over there, shout out to Bakers & Spice!

Extras: Aquarium in Dubai Mall / Ice Skating Rink in Dubai Mall


6. Emirates Mall / Ski Dubai –

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Ski Dubai.. BUT, I know a lot of people can’t wrap their heads around the idea of a ski slope in the middle of the desert.  If that’s you, then here you go!  Emirates Mall will give you what you’re looking for.

I would recommend scheduling this a day or two early as the different packages fill up.  If you don’t want to go skiing, there’s always excellent shopping throughout the Emirates Mall. Either way, great spot to stop.

Extras: Gold & Diamond Souk


7. Burj Khalifa + Fountain –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it’s such a wonder to gaze at.  Like I’ve said in previous posts, there was not a day I would see this mountain of a building and not be in awe.  You can take pictures from the bottom of the building, gaze from Dubai Mall, or walk around outside near the Fountain.

The fountain is gorgeous.  You can go every single night and not get bored.  If you’ve seen the fountain in Vegas –> this one will blow it away.  Breathtaking.

Extras: At The Top


8. Dubai Marina Beach –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

I decided to pick one beach for this list, and I’m going for Dubai Marina Beach.  There’s a new outdoor shopping mall, The Beach, that’s worthy of some time..

Plus the view from the beach of the sky rise buildings is pretty breathtaking. Also, there’s a lot of tourists, so you can feel pretty comfortable in your bathing suit 😉

Extras: Bike around the Marina

9. Burj Al Arab – 

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

I discovered this location late in my Dubai days and I remember regretting not taking visitors here.  The walk out to this restaurant offers PERFECT views of Burj Al Arab, which is an important landmark to see. As you walk out to the venue you can take your time gazing at the beautiful Burj Al Arab & luxurious Yachts that pull in.

Extras: Souk Madinat Jumeirah for souvenirs / Wild Wadi Water Park / Jumeirah Beach Hotel Day Pass


10. Dubai Atlantis –

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Atlantis is a fun day activity. I recommend going to their waterpark – Aquaventure.  I really loved the architecture of the rides, the variety, and the beach it offered. {LOL the architecture, I hate rides! So I focus on other aspects of the waterpark.}  I had a great time and so did my ride loving friends. You can definitely spend a day, or even longer if you choose!

Extras: Spend a night at Atlantis /  Eat at one of the many restaurants

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

***Bonus: Sky Diving – I get scared even typing this as I have a very terrible fear of heights, BUT if there was ever a location I would love to jump out of a plane it would be over the Palm Jumeirah.

Guys, the photos and views are insane! First time in my life I was jealous of people acting so dumb.  PLAN AHEAD too! I think there’s a couple months waiting list to reserve, but if you do it right, this would be an incredible thing to mark off your bucket list.

The Perfect Dubai Vacation Itinerary Must Do List

Ok guys, that’s what I would recommend to do while you’re in Dubai. I spent a lot of time there and can say with full confidence these are the things I would spend my time + money on if I brought someone to visit.

Next week I’ll share some outfit options for the ladies. That’s the second question I always get asked, what should I wear, and what am I allowed to wear. Don’t worry, I’ll cover that next week!

Anyone planning a trip to the Middle East? If so, I hope it’s not in the summer! LOL!

Let me know if you want any other Dubai posts covered… Sometimes I overlook obvious questions about the Middle East and forget to talk about things people want to know, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Be thoughtful!


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Must-Have’s On Your Dubai Vacation:

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  1. Nice list you compiled! I totally agree with it and feel you covered the “must-do’s” for Dubai.

    I also enjoyed the Miracle Garden during my visit last winter, but I was there for 2 weeks and had lots of time to explore 🙂

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