Memorial Day {Closet} Inspiration

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and lucky you, I have some goodie {red white & blue} closet items ready for you!

I LOVE taking advantage of wearing our beautiful country’s colors loud and proud. YAY!

Let’s get in to it…

 Memorial-Day-Outfit inspiration

1.  Endless Rose Louvre Top

Time to take full advantage of white being technically acceptable again – White x white x white x white! YASSSS hun-ayyy! White clothes are my favorite. So crisp. So clean. So fresh.  And nothing is better than white for Memorial Day.. right?  This shirt is cute + perfect for a little family time or extra day off. Comfy & fresh!

2.  Stay White Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

To my excited surprise, I happen to know these white jeans are bomb.  I bought them at one of Old Navy’s sales a long time ago and haven’t looked back.. and they DO stay white.  {I don’t know how, but they do.} These jeans, that shirt.. Perfection!

3.  Sanibell Sandal

Rocking some red heels like these is the perfect pop of color for your all-white look.  Totally ties in the Memorial Day feel (…and gives you an excuse to wear bright red heals).

4.  H&M Sunglasses

Pair any outfit with these easy breezy blue shades and you’ve completed your look! You can picture it right? White shirt, white jeans, red heals, blue shades…

5.  Endless Summer 100 Degree Dress

If you live anywhere that’s already feeling like 100 degrees, like myself, then a cute dress will be your best option. I love this red, fluffy, flowy + happy dress for Memorial Day, & the rest of the summer season.

6. Le Kate Sleeveless Ruffle Jumpsuit

One word people: Target.  It’s so good! Target AND this cute little jumper.  .I got really excited when I saw this. (I may or may not have had a dream of myself wearing it… TMI?) And imagine it paired with the red shoes?!  Yep.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Sporty Embroidered Stars Set of 3 Pouches

Stars work around Memorial Day & July Fourth extra well – I love these little bags.  I separate all the things in my huge purse into smaller bags, and these look like a perfect way to do that.  Again, this would add a perfect little touch to your Memorial Day weekend, and the summer days to follow…

Awwww summertime.

What are you guys up to for Memorial Day? I’m still trying to make plans – BBQ, beach, pool, travel, clean?!… However, this household is still healing a bit from the missing appendix situation.  Nothing a little time + garlic can’t fix.

Ok, nighty night!


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