Texas BBQ Series: Part I. Terry Black’s

Texas BBQ!

For the next few Thursdays I’m taking you with me to some real Texas BBQ.

Terry Blacks Austin Texas BBQ

Texans are really proud of their BBQ and favorite spots to find it. I decided I’ll round up a couple favorites here in Austin. Although you won’t be able to taste the food, you’ll get a front row look & little review.

(Wafiq was really happy about this idea)

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

When I first moved to Austin I didn’t really know what BBQ was. I always thought BBQ meant grilling burgers in your backyard… with some lemonade?

Texans think differently. (Way differently.) BBQ is a P R O C E S S they are proud of: Brisket. Ribs. Turkey. Sausage.

There’s usually an option of raw onions, pickles, cheese & white bread for a side.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

They work hard at mastering recipes and methods. Spend hours x hours perfecting meat. Cook-offs, competitions, smoke house tours, secret recipes, & long lines to get your most desired meat.

BBQ in Texas is most definitely NOT a grilled hamburger in the backyard with a glass of lemonade. (I should’ve never said that.)

Terry Blacks Austin Texas BBQ

I wanted to bring you to Texas to see this BBQ for yourself.

First up is Terry Blacks.

Most of the BBQ I’ve eaten in Texas is similar to this style. Stand in line, go to the counter and order the meat you want by the pound. Then take a seat and enjoy! Terry Black’s is no different. Very casual.

We piled on the side dishes and for meat: Sausage, Brisket, & Ribs.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

As for the meat, we both liked the Ribs the most. Meat literally fell off the bone.

The brisket & sausage were a bit fatty for me, but I know it all depends on whatever spikes your taste buds.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

The side dishes were only ok. (Texans are killing me.) I know you don’t go to BBQ for side dishes but here’s my reason for judging them.

I don’t eat meat with every meal, or even every day… So BBQ and other meat dominate restaurants need to have good side dishes for me to agree to go back. (I’m not the only one trying to reduce meat intake… right?)

My version of BBQ is a little meat with a lot of side. Wafiq’s is a lot of meat with a little side. A BBQ place with good meat and good sides is a win for us.

My favorite side dish was the green beans & Mac N Cheese. I would skip the potato salad…

The general atmosphere, cost, and taste was a thumbs up. Nothing extraordinary in my opinion, but none the less – Great Texas BBQ.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

One awesome perk to Terry Black’s is their location. If you want BBQ at a great location when you’re visiting Austin – this is a great spot to stop by.

You’ll definitely get an authentic BBQ experience + be able to walk to nearby Zilker Park, Downtown, Peter Pan Mini Golf or Auditorium Shores.

For this reason alone, stopping here when you visit Austin would be worth it. Kinda knock out a couple birds with one stone style.

And when traveling, I’m all about time efficiency.

Terry Blacks BBQ Austin Texas

Alright, alright, alright, one BBQ down. A few more hot spots to go!

What’s the popular foods where you’re living??

Talk soon!



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