Vacation in The New York City Emergency Room

If you follow me on Instagram you know I went to New York last weekend. Wafiq and I were especially excited to be in New York because some friends from Dubai were also in town…

My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

We got in late Thursday night, went to eat {delicious} Italian, then went to sleep.

Italian Food in New York City
Beef Carpaccio @ Trattoria Trecolori {DELICIOUS!}

Friday, we decided to go to the Statue of Liberty.  Very touristy. I mean you only see this beauty in the movies – we needed a closer look. Right?!

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

From there we walked towards the One World Trade Center.  What an extremely emotional place. You would assume that, but it’s even heavier than you imagine.  Both of us were holding back tears as we walked around.

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

Our intention was to go into the museum, we even stood in line.. but backed out.  I could see a super large photo of the buildings through the museum window and my heart dropped.  We were already so emotional walking around, both of us couldn’t handle going inside.

We decided we would visit another time when we could “take the day off” after walking through. (Still gives me chills.)

My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

We went back to the hotel, waited for friends to arrive, met up with them, went to another delicious Italian place for dinner, and then Wafiq and I decided to head back to the hotel.

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

Around midnight, (yes midnight – I was already in REM sleep) Wafiq woke me up saying he felt anxiety, or weight on his chest.

I told him to watch New Girl on TV. The ultimate cure to everything.

A few hours passed and he woke me up with stomach pains that wouldn’t go away.  From there they got worse… FAST.

By 8:00am we new it wasn’t stomach flu, food poising, or drama.  We had a situation on our hands.  We googled the nearest Urgent Care and off we went!

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

Urgent Care sent us straight to the Emergency Room.  The New York City Emergency Room – on Saturday morning.

Now THIS was like the movies.

We were lucky enough to get a medical bed – in the middle of the hallway. Which was pleasant.. as Wafiq had to continuously vomit and dry heave for the entire room to enjoy.

A nurse came over and said he probably had the flu.  They gave him flu medicine (?) and anti nausea medicine through an IV.

Wafiq got worse. WAY worse.

I thought I was panicking before, but I was really panicking now. I have never seen someone in so much pain, right in front of me.  His eyes were squirting out water, his body was rejecting everything.  And what was I supposed to do?

(Also, he’s very skinny. How can he throw up so much?  I mean my body has a lot to give away and work with… but his?)

After the vomiting continued to get attention we got a nurse over and she gave him morphine with a promised cat scan.

After the cat scan we got some REAL attention. The doc kinda half ran to us saying Wafiq needed his appendix out. Today.

Once we new that, we were a bit at ease.  Doctors were panicking – trying to fit him in the surgeons schedule.  But for us, the stomach pains now made sense, and we had a solution. Much better than the unknown.

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

As you can imagine, being in the New York City Emergency Room for 12 hours allowed ample time to encounter people from all walks of life. We were on a bed in the hallway next to the ambulance drop off.  At one point, a person came in on a stretcher and all Wafiq said was: “He’s dead”. (Good news, he wasn’t.)

We checked in to the ER next to an extremely buff looking man.  He appeared to have wrapped up his own hand that was projecting blood.  He sat across from Wafiq – and I managed to get a glimpse. Dripping blood, through all his fingers, definitely sliced open in a few spots. The nurse asked “On a scale from 1 – 10 how much pain are you in”.  He responded, “I feel no pain” then followed with a small smirk.

I wanted to be his friend so badly. Obviously his friend in conditions where knives and weapons were far away, possibly while he was restrained, but none the less his friend.  THIS GUY had stories.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  I think we made eye contact. His hand was falling off – and I was mesmerized.

Then there was this jackass who frequents the ER.  I left to get chips and coffee at about 4pm and when I came back The Grinch had all kinds of comments for me:

“Look at this lady, (laughing) eating a whole meal here in the ER”  “You gotta be kidding me”  “First she got ice cream”  “Then I saw her get another ice cream” “Now she’s eating a whole meal!”  “haha and look at that, she’s even drinking”.

First of all mother f-er, I didn’t get ice cream. I WISH I had ice cream. Second, we’ve been in this God damn emergency room since 9am with an actual emergency. I NEED coffee.  Third, do you see all the other people eating?!?!?! PICK ON THEM!  Later, when I went to the restroom I had to walk past his bed and he shouted “You going to get more food?! HA!”

When we first arrived there was an old couple in a room down the hallway from us. The very skinny, elder women was on the bed, obviously sick.  Her elder husband was sitting on a chair to her side – holding her hands, with his head down praying as she slept.  This went on for hours.  Hunched over, he held her hand the entire time.  Nervous & praying.

When she left for X-Rays he took his chair, pointed it towards the door, and didn’t take his eyes off the door until she came back through. When she emerged, she excitedly pointed to her husband and told the nurse “That’s my husband!”

I believe it was a scene out of The Notebook.  Really. My eyes water remembering.  We watched them most of the day. Imagining how difficult it must be to live your whole life with someone and see them older and sick.

My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

Wafiq and I went through a ROLLAR COASTER of emotions while in the ER. Sad for people who can’t afford medical attention, grateful for our health and age, frustrated to be waiting so long… Up and down all day.

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

He ended up getting out of surgery at 9:00pm and we stayed in the hospital until about 11:00pm.  We met the most wonderful & comforting nurses with an excellent surgeon (as we called him at 3:00am to ask about one of the incisions and he patiently listened and responded to our questions).

As you can imagine, the rest of the trip was spent h o r i z o  n t a l.

 My Trip To New York City in the Emergency Room

New York didn’t go as planned.

We ultimately went for a surgery and came back. I don’t get to share a ton of pictures and recommendations, which I was really looking forward to.  But we came back home smiling that we’re ok. We made it home. He’s healing. I’m feeding him excessive amounts of garlic.

And New York will always be there for us to go back to.



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5 thoughts on “Vacation in The New York City Emergency Room

  1. What an uncomfortable situation for Wafiq and stressful time for you guys but glad you had fun with it. Seriously, some people just lose more marbles than others…that dude, was definitely jealous of you walking around and was majorly craving FOOD. 😀

  2. How unfortunate for that to happen during your trip! Your photo’s look very pretty! I am glad you got to see Lady Liberty and that Wafiq survived the trip!

    You two deserve a second NYC visit!

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