Life Goals: Packing Light

I’m going to New York this weekend – Ouiiiiiiiii!

Wafiq’s sister is traveling to New York, so we thought it would be a fun weekend to meet up – Stay tuned.

 Weekend packing light in a carry on

TODAY I want to discuss packing.  How do you guys pack for weekend trips?  Except for the past 7 months or so I was living out of suitcases – A LOT.  (It’s really interesting how all of a sudden items are so much less important.)

Weekend packing light in a carry on

Packing is a pain in the ass.  If I’m going somewhere for less than 7 days my goal is to fit it all in a carry on and be smart. Less is more.

(Wafiq’s motto: More the merrier…)

Similar to my cleaning strategies at home, the same is true when I travel:  The more you have the more you’re weighed down. The more decisions, organizing, and thinking you have to do when you’re getting ready every day.


Here’s a couple tips for my weekend in a carry on:

Plan your outfits:  Google the weather before you go. Know what to expect and plan accordingly. Think layers. And be realistic. If it’s going to be 40 degrees and you’ve been living in 100 degree weather, you ARE going to be cold – You need a jacket.

Make-up Palette’s:  Don’t bring your entire make up bag with the Halloween glitter eye shadow. I bring one palette, with a couple different products and I’m good! Make up palette’s pack wonderfully.. Think – eye shadows, blush, highlight – whatever you got goin on.

Shoesies:  Don’t travel without a comfortable pair of shoes!!!  I go with basic white sneakers because they shine bright, super comfortable, and go with everything! I would even try wearing these to a nice dinner.

Hair:  I don’t wash my hair very often, so I need a little baby shampoo bottle and I’m set. I also don’t style my hair very often (hello messy buns), so having a huge ass curling iron + fancy blow dryer + flat iron + hair spray + hair products is not necessary. If you rely on those item’s, try to pick your favorite and leave the rest behind. It’ll be a fun adventure.

Backpack:  This took me forever to figure out. A backpack is the best for traveling. EW –>  Carrying a bag/purse on your shoulder is one of the most annoying travel problems in the history of the traveling world.  A backpack is comfortable, cute, and convenient + it gives you some extra room to pack.

 Weekend packing light in a carry on

Who out there is a professional carry on travel packer?  You’re my idol.  I would love to hear your tips.

I should also mention, if you’re traveling to a shopping hot spot then pack the amount of items that would fit in a carry on, but possibly bring the checked in bag instead…  Then you can shop freely, never asking yourself if it’ll all fit! JOY JOY JOY!

Ok, off to dream of New York now.



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