Sell Your Clothes & Buy A Camera

I’ll go ahead and say this first: Real cameras are expensive.

Real camera = Not a phone

We’re already spending near millions on our miniature computers, aka mobile phones, so spending even more on a real camera sounds like some kind of sick joke.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I’ve been following several blogs for years now and I always scratch my eyeballs out reading about the cameras they’re using or promoting.

{$3,000+?!?! Fucking how? Not to mention, I have nooo idea how to use one}

BUT. I’m here to confirm: a real camera is worth the expense. Womp womp.

Here’s why:

+ You adjust the photo to your preferred settings

+ Other people will actually enjoy having their picture taken

+ You’ll forever have pictures you actually love!

+ And pictures for other people to love!

+ It’s fun to learn the different settings

+ Always on the hunt to find good photography opportunities

+ You are shockingly WAY hotter.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Wafiq recently bought this Sony camera, honestly with very little thought.

We looked online briefly, Wafiq wanted a camera too, sold all our belongings, then were okay with the price tag, went to the store –> proud camera owners.

NOT disappointed.  For a novice camera user, I feel professional with this badass piece of equipment.

AND when you look at the price tag of many others, this one appears to be near free.

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I should also mention, I bought Wafiq a GoPro for Christmas two years ago –> life changer r r !

Dubai grows up, rather than out. Having a camera that could capture the ground to sky was unknowingly necessary and GoPro worked miracles.

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

I can’t imagine traveling anywhere without that little baby now. I THANK GOD I HAD THIS CAMERA IN DUBAI (<— every day) ! ! !

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Pictures a r e important. And as I get older I realize, in most moments you don’t stop and think a picture will mean anything – what are you even taking a picture of?  But it’s those pictures that are special.  Looking back at seemingly average, candid times – are the best, most memorable.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

 Buying a new camera, sony a6000

Now that Wafiq and I have an actual camera – not running around with solely iPhones – I’m TOTALLY kicking myself for shopping at Top Shop and River Island so freaking much while living in Dubai.  Idiot.

Not saving that money and investing it into a camera? (Katie! WHY?!?!)

Buying a new camera, sony a6000

So – if you were ever on the fence of buying a real camera – 100% buy one. [For the love of God sell your TopShop clothes and buy one (<–bitter).]

Then start snapping photos of EVERYTHING.  You’ll thank yourself later.

Camera pro’s weigh in! What’s the first camera you ever bought?

Off to sift through and organize all my pictures. {Note to self – organize after every photo session. }

Night friends!



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