All The Reasons You NEED Jazz !

For the love of Jazz.

 why you need jazz music

I’m always listening to music. I love using music as a way to let the mind wander. Isn’t it wild how different styles of music can take you so many places?

On the way to work a couple years back I remember listening to Taylor Swift’s album “Red”, then sitting at my desk feeling like I got hit in the face with rock of emotions. It was exhausting but relieving at the same time… Weird? (I was late on the Taylor Swift train but am totally on board now, sorry Kanye.)   

Anyways, music is the shit. Lately it’s either Jazz or Gangster Rap.

And today we’re talking JAZZ.

Why you need jazz music

I started listening to Jazz a couple months ago when I first arrived in Los Angeles. I stayed at a guest house and the beautiful woman that cleaned before our arrival left the radio set to jazz.   (Shout out KJazz 88.1)

I assumed I would eventually change the station… but hours passed, days passed, weeks passed and I had that damn radio playing Jazz day in and day out.  From morning till night. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz.

Now let me explain why Jazz is wonderful and something you should have playing at your house.


Listening to Jazz music

5 Reasons you NEED to be listening to JAZZ:

Perfect for any occasion: If you want background noise, there’s plenty of instrumental jazz options to do so.  If you want something with a little kick, Latin jazz can keep it spicy.

Musical Xanax: This shit WORKS. Let me tell you, Los Angeles was stressful.  There was so much unknown, as if a black hole was quickly approaching to suck me in.  Having Jazz in the background helped the mornings be brighter and the evenings be quieter.

Variety: Different & interesting. Jazz has enough genres to keep things fresh. So no, you don’t need to hear Taylor Swift on repeat, one. More. Time.

Peace:  Unlike the car ride listening to Taylor Swift, or the nights of Adele – Jazz turns down the thoughts / memories / and emotions.  Although I love that music can take your mind to so many memories, sometimes that’s the last thing you need.  Jazz, with no vocals, takes you to a quiet place. Quiet the mind, quiet the emotions, quiet the body = Relaxing made easy.

Everyone’s Genre:  Music is tough because everyone loves it. And everyone has their own preferences. Jazz eliminates the problem. If you have people over for dinner, Jazz is the perfect background music. People might not know what to say, how to comment or what to ask for. Usually, one person wants country, one wants Selena Gomez, one wants Rock & Roll (eye roll, Wafiq).  Shut it all down with Jazz.

 Why you need to listen to jazz

Wafiq and I ended up going to Hollywood & Highland’s Wine & Jazz Concert Series every Tuesday night throughout the summer in Los Angeles.  We were both in shock of the awesome Jazz community and the happy spirit wrapped around it.

Having these small, but impactful experiences reminds Wafiq and I how much we don’t know.  We had no idea Jazz music was so badass, and there was a whole community in love with it.  (Totally motivating to keep trying new things + giving them more than one chance. )

My go-to for Jazz music right now is Smooth Jazz on Pandora.  {Got that shit playing all day er day.}

I’ll also switch it up to Jazz, Latin Jazz or… Fetty Wap.   But that’s another day. For now, set the mood – bring out the candles, flowers, favorite drink and R E L A X ! Enjoy yourself.

Who knows Jazz music and can offer some listening suggestions? Also, are there any other genres I need to check out? What’s on your Pandora?


Ok, off to dream away to jazz!

Why you need to listen to jazz music


Set the Mood:

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