The Best Sweet Treat in the World! Promise.

Dates!!!! AHHHH Dates! I love them so much (and you will too. Promise).

Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

I didn’t think it would be possible to find yummy dates in America but I’m here to confirm it is!  You may have to do a little hunting, but the hunt is worth the catch.

 Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

Basics:  Dates come from Date Palms.  Date Palms look like a stubby version of the palm trees we’re used to seeing near beaches.

Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

I’ll admit – Dates look baaaad.  They do NOT look like the tasty treat that they absolutely are. They look more like a shriveled up, overly large raisin.  I don’t like raisins. So don’t be turned off by their appearance. (<–Life lessons today on MissBassmaster)

Ok ok ok, the key with dates is finding the perfect one for your taste buds.  There are A TON of varieties, so do not, I repeat: DO NOT taste one date and conclude you don’t like them…

 Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

I tried ’em all.  I even tried them straight off the tree. (<–bragging?) OMGOMGOMG so good. Trying them off the tree, so super fresh, is what makes me want to explore all parts of the world and taste their straight up, from the earth – foods. I mean, yes mother earth, YASSS!

Types of Dates: Medjool, Thoory, Nour, Barhi, and the list goes on and on..

Differences you’ll notice is the softness, stickiness, and sweetness of the dates.   My FAVORITE are Medjool Dates. Soft, perfectly sweet, and big & yummy.

Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

I only assumed after seeing dates picked off the tree that there were health benefits to these tasty treats {mother earth has our back like that}, and after getting lost in the world wide web for far too long I learned these baby’s are packed with minerals and nutrients.

 Benefits include: (via | via | via)

+ Energy Booster: natural sugars help get you up and moving

+ Bone Health: significant amount of minerals to help strengthen bones

+ Brain Function:  Potassium + other minerals help boost your nervous system

+ Allergy Reducer

+ Weight Loss:  Junk food replacement + fiber

+ Healthy Digestion: All the fiber helps things stay movin and cruizin

+ Healthy Heart:  Can decrease cholesterol & reduce build up in artery walls – which lowers risks of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

 Dates_The Best Snack in the World_ Healthy

My way to eat them is plain with a side of walnuts.  That’s my go-to snack and I have a feeling it will be… forever.

Wafiq’s mom used to eat them chopped up, already pitted, drizzled with Tahini (sesame seed oil) –  also super delicious.

Dates are a go-to dessert or mid-day treat in the middle east. They’re always around the house, served with coffee or tea.    I was one lucky lady to have them at my disposal, but I’m glad to see I still can!

Dates_The best snack in the world_Healthy

If you don’t already have Dates in your refrigerator,  you have no idea what you’re missing!  Get out there and try a few until you find your favorite! Spice up your diet, make the effort, and thank me later…

When/if you find your favorite dates, SHARE! I know they’re hard to find unless you have a date palm outside your front door, so sharing the secret spots is an important duty bestowed on to you  🙂

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