It’s Time To Check In On Your Goals

It’s April already!  Quarter 1 is done son.   I’m torn between being excited that time is flying by, and being freaked the F out.  I try not to think about it <– Story of my life.

Check in on your quarter one goals

How has the beginning of the year gone?  If you set goals at the beginning of the year – now is the time to check-in, see what’s on track and what isn’t.

This weekend I spent some major time examining my goal situation.  Because it’s ONLY April, you have time to get back on track. (If you didn’t set goals in January – I suggest you set some t o d a y !)

Goals are the BEST way to check yourself. I’ve always been good at doing this. I also make a vision board that I stuff full of all my crazy ideas + inspiration.  Sometimes the ideas follow through, sometimes I take a drastic left turn.  But either way it’s both important and exciting to have a vision board, and/or goals written down.

 Check in on your quarter one goals

I can’t image a life without written goals. REALLY.

One of my goals this quarter was to create a consistent workout plan. I don’t want to call it a fitness routine –> any routine makes me want to take a nap.

Soo.. Wafiq and I joined an outdoor boot camp. My first mistake was joining any class with Wafiq. His leg length is twice the size of mine, which full blown sucks because we do a ton of partner work.  He’s always encouraging me: “lets sprint this ramp”… (Ummmmm haven’t we been sprinting this whole God forsaken run?)  Inside I’m praying to anyone listening that I don’t pass out. Or even worse throw up on myself.  AT LEAST, I’m so exhausted I’m partially blacked out for most of the work out.


Goals should be for your health, relationship, travel, career, home decorating.  Really anything.  I have several categories that are important to me and I work on a goal for each.

 Check in on your quarter one goals

I noticed what works best for me is making some super large, big picture goals at the beginning of the year.. Then kind of forgetting them & taking it month by month. Otherwise I get overwhelmed in the big picture and end up all over the place.

At the beginning of the month I set goals for that month, then every Sunday I make mini goals for the week, stepping myself closer to achieving my monthly goals. Eventually working towards the big picture.

EEEEE I really love doing this. Who’s setting goals? Who’s on track?! What’s your strategy?! BOOM shaka laka!

Also, wow, since January I’ve been looking for a badass boss lady planner to put all my lists in and still have only managed to use a pile of post-it notes. {I love them so much} but it’s time.  Boss planner searching commencing NOW. Toodles.


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3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Check In On Your Goals

  1. I love this post! I know what you mean, girl – I can’t imagine life without written goals either. Or without the images and pics plastered on my home office walls! hahah!!!

    I love check in time!

    Thank you for sharing!


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