Trader Joe’s Must-Have Groceries

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I now live approx. 10 minutes away from Trader Joe’s so it’s my number one stop for a quick grocery shopping trip. I’m very particular about the grocery list’s I have. It’s taken me a while to cultivate a badass list.

Trader Joes Grocery List

I read every single label.

At first, this sounds high maintenance, but once you get through the tough part and have your staple grocery items in place.. It’s a breeze & totally worth it.

Trader Joes Must Have Groceries

I have a list for each of the grocery stores I live close to. Wafiq was NOT a happy camper shopping with me the first couple of trips, but we made it through that hurdle together and no one got hurt.

Waa-la! Now grocery shopping is easy peasy.

Trader Joes Must Have Groceries

I LOVE every single item on this list. {Especially the treats.. I know, there’s too many}.

I could easily write a post about each item individually and all the ways I use them + why I love them so much – but let’s not be boring.

On to the Trader Joe’s Must-Have Grocery List:

 Trader Joes Must Have Groceries

Did I miss any Trader Joe’s staple grocery items?! Let me know your go-to grocery store + items so I can check them out!

Trader Joes Must Have Groceries

By the way, it’s very 2001 to bag your groceries with paper or plastic.

It’s 2016 – we’re much cooler than that. We bring our own grocery bags now. Get on board or starve!!  …but really, start bringing your own grocery bags, if you don’t already 🙂

Trader Joes Must Have Groceries

+Not sponsored, all opinions and desires are that of my own

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