Bug bite? I’m here to help.

The all so glorious bug bites. Shoot me now.

I have HAVE have to share this recent discovery with you guys.  I debated because I feel it’s a little blah but I’m sooo freakin happy, I can’t resist.

Vicks Vapo Rub for bug bites.


Oh. M. GEEEE.  Life changer.  Miracles do exist!

Maybe this trick is old news for some people, but if that’s the case, then where the hell have I been?!

Bugs adore me, the little assholes eat the shiz nitz out of my skin. I promise if there’s ONE microscopic bug and 10 people… That bug will hunt me down, travel treacherous conditions, find a perfect spot on my body – and bite me.

I lose my mind trying to figure this out.  Why me?!  That’s a whole other problem I’m working on. I’ll report back when I have a prevention plan.

FOR NOW, I have a solution.

 Vicks VaporRub for Bug Bites

All you have to do is slap a little Vicks on the bite and boom, no more itch! EEEEEEE. If you wait a couple seconds it gives off a cooling sensation that takes the itch away. {I could cry I’m so happy.}

From now on, I’m most definitely keeping a little baby Vick’s jar in my bathroom cabinet. At least until I find a prevention plan.

You know what I’m talking about if you get bug bites.  Anyone out there?  PLEASE share your ideas to prevent, heal, or any general info., I need you!


+ Not sponsored, just excited to find and share!
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