Spring flowers – You Need To Wear Them

I could talk about floral clothing all day, every day, for the rest of my existence.  I didn’t realize my obsession until one of my friends noticed the only pattern I ever wore was: FLOWER

Bright pink nail polish + bold flower print  + white jeans + rapunzel hair —> L I V I N G

I’ve been day dreaming hardcore – and in doing so I happened upon some wish list floral items to add to the wardrobes.  I’m thinking there’s a lot of you that get drawn to black or neutrals.  This list shall help you expand the mind… {Which you totally should do, if there’s any time to wear floral it’s SPRING!}

There’s nothing that screams happiness like a bomb ass floral print.

Anyone wearing flowers, feel free to tag me, not only do I like to wear flowers.. I love to see other people wearing them too  <3

[Warning: Dead, sad, weeping floral print can result in looking cheap and dirty – be careful and selective with your flowers!]



1. Oasis Bold Floral Shift Dress – Classy perfection!

2. Sonix Indigo Floral Phone Case – because your phone should be happy too

3. Floral Cami Top – simps

4. Paper dolls Floral Print Swimsuit – really into this one piece trend

5. Adidas Trefoil Tank – WOW. Adidas printed flowers. Need I say more.

6. Reclaimed Vintage Cold Shoulder Dress – Off the shoulder + floral? YES please.

7. Bueno Floral Tote Handbage – One word: Target.

8. Patterned Blouse – I own approx. 9 of these 

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