Spring Green Bean Salad

I have been in to cooking A LOT recently. I’ve always enjoyed cooking my own meals because, for me, it’s a fun way to spend an evening.



And I realized we’ve been cooking and eating at the house a lot in the past couple of weeks, rarely going out to eat. No, not even to Chipotle.

Before, I would have said it was to save money but I’m realizing these days it’s because we really enjoy being able to make a meal exactly how we prefer it.



Mix up different ingredients, make the side dishes we most enjoy, the portion of food we’re hungry for, and no questions about any sneaky ingredients getting pumped inside.




{This relationship with food excites me.}



Easy recipes, that are creative and manageable to cook anywhere are what attract me the most.  I’m lucky enough to have my own kitchen now but there was about 2 years before this that I was working with limited space + tools in a make believe kitchen.  (Anyone remember my turkey Christmas? Yeah.)

Having recipes that were easy, but delicious {and impressive} was important to me. And still is. The variety, the easiness, is what encourages me to always be cooking at home, and I’m currently loveeee ING it!



My boo boo mini muffi’s have taken me a lot of places, and this recipe will too!   I made it for a Christmas Eve side dish two years in a row and now consider it a staple menu item.




** Would be FANTASTIC as an Easter side dish





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