The Best Quality A Woman Can Have – Confidence!

Happy International Women’s Day!! I didn’t even know this was coming and I already had my Confidence Post ready to fire.  {Perfect coincidence}.



If you don’t have it, we need to work on you getting it.



{{Women are beautiful, caring, loving, giving, emotional badass.. people pleasers.}}

But being a confident woman is the most important quality you can give yourself.  Whether it’s your opinions, morals, thoughts, clothing, age, make up, hair style, body type, career, anything! YOU have to believe in it.

And that takes work.

I have to work on it all the time. Not feeling sorry or embarrassed for acting a certain way, showing failures, wearing purple fringe with sneakers, or stuffing my face with 3 breakfast taco’s + a side of chips and queso on Sunday morning. This takes confidence.


I’m going to work on incorporating confidence boosting posts into MissBassmaster, so you’re consistently reminded to believe – you ARE a badass.

Ex: Even if you’re confident in your career and relationship, but you want to dye your hair platinum blonde. You don’t want your coworkers thinking you’re a hoochie mama desperately trying to hold on to your 20’s? I’m here to tell you, fuck it. Bleach your hair. You want to try it, try it!  And the biggest tip –> don’t be sorry, rock that platinum hair like it’s what you dreamed about since you were 12 years old. Because you have! And it’s ok. Do YOU girlfraaan!


Also, do not let people make you feel like you’re wrong for feeling a certain way, looking a certain way, or acting a certain way. You are y o u. And that alone is fantastic!

Keep in mind, sometimes a relationship needs to end, so each person can continue being the person they’re meant to be, and that’s ok.  That’s more than ok.  Don’t apologize, simply understand the process.

I had little, to zero confidence in myself coming out of high school.  Thank the angels I met a great (psychology student) friend who helped me understand what confidence was and slowly start building it.  I feel incredibly lucky to have had that, but it’s something that takes work.  AND knowing it takes work, is what I’m realizing, is the most important part to having confidence.


Go forward with the week! Confident, excited, and standing tall! GO GO GO ! BE YOU! Cuz that’s the best, most inspiring personality to watch!


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