What I Miss About Living In Dubai

Never did I ever, expect to be writing this list.  What I Miss About Living In Dubai. 

What an adventure that was! I’m in the U.S. now, have been for awhile, and am FINALLY able to look back on the experience of living in Dubai and come to terms with the fact that I DO miss particular parts.  Whether I want to admit it or not, I sit down some days and think about my life as an expat with a little grin. Other days I sit down and praise Jesus I’m back in the U.S.  I appreciate both.

What I Miss About Living In Dubai:

–  The beautiful Burj Khalifa (that gorgeous beast)

–  Driving.  (PSA: American’s, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN)

–  The Palm Jumeirah (nothing like vacation out the front door)

–  Work. (Independence, Confidence, Flexibility, Variety, Equality)

–  Shopping. (Waaaaaaaahhhh!! <Literally, eyes watering>)

–  Bahraini’s (and Bahrain being so close, little doo doo island life)

–  Feeling safe. (All. Of. The. Time.)

–  Mosque’s (+ the call to prayer)

–  Camels (Cutest wild animals ever!)

–  Dubai Fountain (Magic)

–  Open desert (much like the ocean – open, peaceful space that brings calmness)

–  Lebanese Food (Hellooooo beet salads and tabbouleh)

–  Orange sunsets (with a huge ass glowing orange sun)

–  Dubai Marina (…because WOW. Not a bad place to spend happy hour every day)

–  Australians (Wafiq and I can not forget our gym instructor. SO. HOT.)

–  Real rules (..and people actually following them)

–  Fresh dates (My sweet baby loves, come to me)

–  Cleanliness (from the houses to the cars to the shopping malls to the streets)

–  The Shopping Malls (Yes, this needs to be added twice)

–  Religion (proud believers. No if’s / and’s / or but’s)

–  Diversity (travel, culture, conversation)

–  Biryani (Specifically from Wafiq’s house)

–  Friends (the couple of people I had to leave behind that truly impacted my life)

Calling all expats! Anything else I’m missing? What do you miss? 🙂


Xx MissBassmaster

Burj Khalifa
Open desert
Dubai Marina
Palm Jumeirah
Sand Storms
Burj Al Arab


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