Why I Named My Blog: MissBassmaster



It’s finally here! We made it to the end! Miracles do exist.

EEEEEEEEEE!! I hope something spectacular is planned for your weekend. I want you to know up front, if you have a weekend planned all by yourself on the couch with pizza and Netflix, I consider that spectacular. Or if you’re going to a glamorous New York Fashion Week party, that’s very spectacular as well.  Either way, sounds exciting.


Sooooooooo MissBassmaster.

What’s up with the name!? Well, allow me to explain.  I thought of the name MissBassmaster before I moved to Dubai, when I was starting this blog as a fun journal for my adventures across the pond.

When I was in elementary school I went with my parents to an Outdoor Expo. {Imagine: fishing boats, snow mobiles, tackle boxes, and maybe some grilling tools or ice houses.}

I know there was a “casting contest” at the expo, because my dad made me sign up and participate.

Participants had to compete in 3 or 4 different styles of casting, all of which the goal was to land on the bulls eye ahead of you some distance. Then you receive points.

Anyways, I did a fantastic job.  As you would expect.

I hold this memory near and dear to my heart because it’s HUGE bragging rights if you ask me. (Ask me to cast a fishing pole today, I’ll run the other direction)

I love this story because it reminds me of how I grew up.  Basically, not a pussy.

We (my brother and I) went fishing. Meaning, we hooked the bait (worms, leaches, ect.) and grabbed the fish when we caught them, pointing them away from us in case they peed.  We chopped wood for our fire at the cabin from time to time. We didn’t miss school, ever.  We drank water. We learned to water ski when we were fresh out of the womb. We never wanted to have sleep overs and we rarely cared about what clothes we were wearing. (Unless we were tortured at school by evil alien kids)

No matter where I go, or where I feel like living tomorrow, MissBassmaster reminds me of home. And growing up how we did.  I’m glad we’re built like strong Vikings, that don’t cry when they fall. They get back up and catch their supper.



Now, I’ll forever be known as MissBassmaster in the world wide web. <3

XxMiss Bassmaster




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