Celebrate! It’s Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!




(Done with the caps.)

I wish Valentines day happened once a month, or at the very least quarterly. Like I’ve said before, Valentines Day reminds us to give an extra big hug, share a cookie, and buy some flowers.

If you’re the Grinch of Valentines Day, I ask –> WHY? WHY?!?  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! You’re obviously over thinking it.  I don’t associate Valentines day with romance or even buying gifts. I associate it with love, happiness, hugs, pink, flowers… what’s so bad about that?

Offer a compliment, or a hug… Draw some hearts, hang them on the fridge… Wear pink!

S h o c k someone with kindness!

Because, why the F not?! We (the human population) need a lot more kindness going around.  Save the bitchen and moanin for another day, because TODAY is the day we’re being n i c e and k i n d and extra touchy.

As for me…
In Austin, the weather is perfect. I say perfect confidently. Sun, blue sky, water, lush, perfect temperature accompanied by a perfect breeze.  There’s nothing more I desire.
Wafiq and I are bringing our leading lady to the green belt, a hiking trail close to where we live. Water + Freedom + Fresh Air
Then we’ll be working on our vision boards. I’ve been wanting to set aside time since Jan. 1 but haven’t squeezed it in. Since we envision only positive adventures in the future, this plan sounds like a great ending to a loving day.
Add some wine, flowers on the table, smooth jazz, candle lit, and some afternoon cooking = We have ourselves a winning Valentines Day!
DON’T overthink Valentines Day, but DO think about it 🙂
Valentines Day 2
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