TOP 5 NETFLIX SERIES: For the Ladies


(I say ladies loosely. No judgment if a guy participates in the binge.)

Like I’ve said here and here, not sharing addicting Netflix series feels like a crime. I carry guilt. (Selfishly, I want to gossip about how badly I want Nick and Jess to hook up! Come on already!)  There’s a couple different categories on Netflix.  I don’t believe you can put your top 5 in one category.

For example, Gossip Girl is a top 5 for me.  But obviously, guys won’t agree.  I think there should be a top 5 for ladies, gents, and both.  Also, when I say binge, that means there’s several seasons out. Binge, as in, you can sit on your couch an entire rainy Sunday with the pizza guy knocking on your door…. twice. There, I said it.

So here you go ladies, my 5 Favorite binge worthy series on Netflix.  Tell me if I’m missing any!!

1. New Girl.

Stop me, stop me now.  This is one of the best shows —> E V E R. I’ve recommended New Girl before, and I wish to recommend it every single day, until every single person has watched it. The comedy is on point! Not too stupid, and oh so real.  I’ve watched every episode several times, it’s the one show that can shut off the anxiety in my head and distract my mind in the best way. And… I’m not fully confident I can be friends with someone who doesn’t connect to this show. I mean, how?


2. Friends.

THE Classic. New Girl is the new Friends, but Friends will always be top dog.  When I was in the 6th grade I boycotted Seinfield because it took Friend’s 6:30pm time slot. I was upset. And still am. To this day I won’t watch Seinfield.  I’m ride or die for Friends. And you should be too.


3.  Scandal.

If you’re not watching this I don’t know what the F you’re doing with your life. Stop right now. STOP. Go binge it,  come back to me, and start over with your life! GO!


4.  Gossip Girl.

I mean at least for the fashion inspirations!  I blew through this like wind in a tunnel.  Gossip girl is a series with high school students?! Yes. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’m owning it.  Don’t run too fast though, this one will suck you in and before you know it you’ll be 5 seasons in, just as ashamed as me.  Overly dramatic and unbelievable in all the right ways! I’m late to the party with this series, and if you haven’t watched it, you probably are too.


5.   Hart of Dixie

I keep waiting to stop watching Hart of Dixie and it doesn’t happen. Not that it’s a bad series, but it’s hard for me to really commit to an entire season of something.  Then Hart of Dixie pops up in my recently viewed list and I click next episode.. There I am, 3 seasons in.  Warm, fuzzy, delicious, romantic, fashion, muscles – with some laughs in between.  PERFECT for your night in! Per usual, nothing too deep, happy thoughts only, paaahlease!Hart of Dixie



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