5 Things You’re Grateful For Right Now

Grateful Right Now


I mentioned this a looooong time ago and I always wanted to wrap back around to it because I know I didn’t give the idea enough attention.. and I definitely wanted to.

5 things you’re grateful for R I G H T N O W !

When I was living in Dubai, doing this saved my life.  Probably not really, but it felt like it at the time.

The idea sounds small, and simple but it’s a game changer in having a positive day, and a positive outlook 🙂

Whenever you’re in a strange mood. Whether that means you’re angry, hormonal, sad, nervous, anxious, exhausted..  Say 5 things you’re grateful for out loud.

(And yes, the out loud part is an important part of these instructions)


I challenge you to say 5 things that you’re grateful for that have meaning in that moment. Rather than saying: “I’m grateful for my dog. I’m grateful for my house. I’m grateful for my shoes. I’m grateful for my TV”.

Put some meaning behind them: “I’m grateful I was able to wake up early and do my workout so I feel better throughout the day. I’m grateful I spoke to both of my parents at lunch today and they sound so happy. I’m grateful my dog had a stellar vet appointment that didn’t cost as much as I was expecting.  I’m grateful the sky is clear blue and the air feels so cozy. I’m grateful I don’t have to work today.”

You get the drift?

**In case you didn’t get it the first time –> Say them out loud, even if it’s a whisper to yourself, say them out loud!

If you’re with a friend or dog or partner, you can each do 5 things you’re grateful for and you’ll notice the energy will quickly lift. Smiles!  Even Wafiq liked doing this. Eventually he would bring it up.  We’d be in the car on the way home from work and he’d say, “Let’s say the 5 things we’re grateful for right now”.  <—- Awwwww.. Because it makes you feel good! Simple as that!

Give it a try! #gratefulrightnow ! ! !

 (* Let me know how it goes)



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