Yours truly, MissBassmaster

We’re here!


Woooooooooooooo freakin hoooooooooooo!

(February: Not that spectacular) BUT..

With very little rhyme or reason Miss Bassmaster is back.  I found that blogging is something I really enjoy doing, but I wanted to do it with more of a purpose.. Which, if you remember, I was having trouble finding. I hate when people ramble on and on and on and on..  I wanted to make sure I didn’t do that, even for myself. I took a break.  Read other awesome blogs for inspiration.  Caught up on The Bachelor and Jessica Jones, also for inspiration. Built a fire, to prove I still can.  And started a “real job”, because supposedly that’s what adults do.

And now I’m feeling ready, serious, and large + in charge!  Slowly but surely I’m hoping to get on a schedule with posts and be consistent.

We’re taking things to the next level!

I’ve been busy working, playing, eating, and dreaming… All of which I want to share. Because slamming down garlic cloves fermented in honey, without telling anyone, is barely worth the adventure.

So lez do dis.

Xx MissBassmaster

Yours truly, Missbassmaster

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