First Impression: Los Angeles

I feel like every time I sit down to a computer I should be applying for jobs. So writing has taken a backseat  – which is unfortunate. But I’m in need of a break, and blogging is a nice way for me to catch people up and help me organize my thoughts a little.

How is Los Angeles?

In 5 words: Dry, Busy, Posh, Interesting, Beach

The same thing is happening to me in Los Angeles that happened to me in Dubai… I’m not viewing the city like a tourist on vacation, therefore I feel like I don’t have interesting travel advice or a way for you to live a vacation through my eyes, because I feel like that’s not what I’m doing. I wish.

{FYI: Let’s just be honest, Let’s just be real..  I’ve been listening to a lot of Gangster Rap and Jazz. (Gangster Rap in the car / Jazz in the house.  I’m too lazy to find another channel)  I’m hoping my personality is reflecting the combo of the two.}

Before coming to Los Angeles quite a few people informed me that Los Angeles was full of stuck up people who are too materialistic. Ummm, maybe it’s because I just moved from Dubai but my experience so far couldn’t be more opposite. Sure, there’s random assholes walking around the streets, but aren’t they everywhere?  Majority of these L.A. peeps seem KIND.  I actually love the people. A lot of them look like they’re really trying to go after their dreams! Appearing positive and ambitious. What more would you want from a community!? I’ll take it!

Another first impression, people drive really badass cars. I don’t know if they’re actually legit badass cars or just look badass –  I can’t say I know the difference. But I’m fairly confident they’re worth a pretty penny. Here’s why I address this, (don’t worry, not just to blab about what other people have and gawk over their materialistic treasures..) for the first time I kind of feel like I can have that. Slash, maybe even want that?

Allow me to explain further.. In Dubai, everyone had nice cars. And nice whatever else you can think of. Lions? Who cares. But they had a lot of nice things. I was never envious of them. I never cared or wanted a nice car or to be like any of these people I guess.  Although they owned everything you could ever imagine to purchase, they didn’t have a life I wanted to live. In order to avoid offending anyone, I think if you read a couple of my previous posts, you can draw conclusions as to why I wouldn’t want that lifestyle.

In Los Angeles, or of course a lot of America, I see these nice cars and I’m excited. Motivated to try and build a career + life that can equal a nice car.  I feel like I can. I feel like American’s, even the nice ones with solid hearts, can earn their way to a nice car. Or a comfortable home for 4. And I hate even saying nice car (if I tinted the windows of our Honda Civic I would call that luxury) what I mean is a nice and comfortable life. Whatever image that is for people. A tinted Honda Civic or a house with a pool in the backyard or a beach home. They can have it in America. People do have it in America. And they can be happy in their soul. I see nice cars and that makes me feel ambitious and motivated. This is a feeling I did not have in Dubai.

Another first impression – the freaking roads are hideous! People drive these posh cars on the pot hole striken roads?! Ludicrous!

But the best first impressions of Los Angeles all come from my adventures outdoors! My heart is warm knowing these options exist.


One of the first days we decided to hike towards the Hollywood sign so we could get a good picture. Our initial thought was not to hike but to drive up to the sign.. Well, that’s off limits. Duh. So we hiked. In order to get a picture from the same spot in these photos (which we hear is the best place) you have to get a pretty decent hike in. Up a Mountain. But you can bring dogs and there were awesome places to stop and get great views of the city. I loved this adventure.


Of course as soon as we could figure out where a dog beach was, we had to hit it up! My always and forever favorite place to be in life. We found a dog beach in Malibu and hit the road with Bernice. Best place ever! Coming from the hot, over crowded, sauna beaches in Dubai – this beach was a 10! We spent the whole day there and Bernice even got to run, play, + act cool. This was by far, my favorite day. We even saw dolphins swimming in the distance. I mean my God, is this real life?  Besides the moments I thought I saw a tsunami coming in, this California adventure alone steals my heart.

One thing I’m not going to do, is put so much pressure on myself to love Los Angeles. Get a job so I can stay in Los Angeles. Although right now it’s fun and I’m loving it, I refuse to let myself get as stressed out as I once was in Dubai. Looking back, all that pressure was 100% not worth it. I got shingles for God’s sake. And that was just the outcome others noticed. My whole body and mind was nearly unrecognizable at one point for me, and that’s a place I don’t want to go back to.  Naaaastay!

SO whatever my future holds, where ever it is, no matter the process… I’m throwing as much stress and pressure up to the sky and away from me as possible. That’s why I don’t have a plan. If I make one, eeeeeee. No bueno.

My doggie at my feet, Wafiq by my side, and job applications in front of me –> is the best thing I can do for now 🙂




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3 thoughts on “First Impression: Los Angeles

  1. Wow will be interesting to see how you find la after a while especially when moving from Dubai. I didn’t like Dubai I found it very soulless and recently blogged about it myself. However la I didn’t like first time either… But it grew on me by the third time. La has hidden beauties away from the commercial tourist sides … It just takes a while to find them. And regarding the people there are good ones believe me. A wandering memory

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