Road Trip: MN –> CA

First off, let me apologize. I was high in my last post. Not on heroine or anything too hardcore, just Claritin D. I came down with the worst allergies EVER my last couple days in Minnesota and I could barely do anything. Even sleeping was difficult with my eyes watery and my sneezing constant.  The only weapon to knock my allergies down is Claritin D. They don’t even sell it in Dubai. I know why.

It makes you high.

For a good 27 hours after taking 1 pill I was out. of. it. Concentrating was really hard. Usually I read my posts 100 times before I publish them, but with the last one I literally typed what was in my head and pushed “publish”.

I felt it was necessary though because it’s such big news! Moving! Again! And it’s such last minute news that I didn’t have a lot of time to write. But aren’t the best artists of all time, and maybe writers too, high during their most creative times? So there you go.

(You know at one point I thought, what if this Claritin D stays in my system forever? I’ll be forever F***ed up. Doesn’t that happen to some people that take drugs?)


Driving from Minnesota to California was a blast! WOW. We stopped for a day in Denver, Colorado and also in Las Vegas, Nevada. But the entire drive was super awesome and a great learning experience. I had no idea The United States was so diverse in it’s environment.

Minnesota is still so freaking beautiful, even after seeing so many other states. I’m proud to say I’m from the land of 10,000 lakes, that’s for sure. To make this short I decided to use the best 5 words to describe each state I passed through. Here you go:

Minnesota: Lush, Wet, Nice, Happy, Peaceful, Underrated

Iowa: Small, Cute, Flat, Simple, Corn

Nebraska: Green, Green, Farmers, Green, Farmers

Colorado: Forest, Nature, Mountains, Beautiful, Shocking

Utah: Canyons, Mountains, Desert, Forest, Vacant

Nevada: Hot, Desert, Hot, Vegas, Brown

California: Diverse, Money, Ocean, Occupied, Everyone


I’ve finally reached Los Angeles. I used AirBnb and am so extremely happy to being staying in the guest house we’re at.  Two women own the house and we’re staying in their guest house for a month. It is SO incredibly cute and perfect. It’s like my dream baby apartment. Simple and cute. Apartment aside, the owners are everything I could ever dream of in a friend.

Usually, I don’t like people. I like working with them, doing sales, socializing with them. But I love being alone. And having A LOT of quiet time. I’m pushing on the point of it being problematic. Anyways, the owner is so kind and nice. She spent a lot of time talking to me. I see her when I come and go. Wafiq was worried because he knows I usually like my space and privacy. When I told him I don’t mind that she comes to talk – he was surprised.

Even I was surprised.

But I think I figured it out.

This woman is so incredibly unjudgemental. I know we probably all think we don’t judge people but we do. We all do. We make conclusions and adjust to those thoughts. It’s natural.

But this woman doesn’t. She’s 100% herself and her thoughts with no judgements in front of her. No distracting stereotypes or concern for how she’s looking.

I’m envious of this. It’s badass.

She’s excited to tell me about the farmers market that sells $1.00 Lemon Grass on Mondays. And she’s worried if I come too close to her after she’s smoked a cigarette in case it bothers my respiratory system. And she bought soap from Whole Foods to use for our face because it’s perfect. And she turned jazz on the radio for us because it’s her favorite, but understands if it isn’t ours. And she has a pilaties machine in the backyard to use if we know how, but she doesn’t because she pulled a muscle. And she leaves colorful Christmas lights on outside the house every night as a nightlight.

And she does all of this without knowing if I’m the same way. If I’ll like the Christmas lights or Lemon Grass at the farmers market. Because she doesn’t care, or try to guess, or worry about anything but who she is.

I want to be her best friend.

There is something I love about people who are calm, confident, happy, and unjudgemental. After 27 hours of driving this woman calmed me. Made me happy. I want to learn so much from her and try to have the same confidence. The same happiness.

And Wafiq said the same thing. “Don’t you want to.. be like her?”

YES! I do! My dream in life is to give people happiness. Calmness. Ease.  Make them smile so easily after a terrible day.

Spectacular. I hope all of you have met one of these special people before and know what I’m talking about. I urge you to appreciate them and to learn from them. What the world would be if we could all have this gift <3



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