Netflix: Sense8

In my defense, I haven’t blabbed about Netflix or random TV shows in a long time… So I feel it’s acceptable (and necessary) for me to share. And I’m sorry to anyone reading in Dubai that doesn’t have access to Netflix (hopefully you’ve figured out VPN to get around that problem), I’ve been there and I understand.



Watch it. Binge watch it. Love it. Hate it. Think about it.

I had to watch the entire season before I admitted to myself that this is a good show, but I’ve decided it’s a very good show. One that you really have to sit down and think about, but so addicting and worth the brain stretch. Nothing you would expect. Also, give it a couple episodes –> you’ll end up watching the whole season.

From now on my TV reviews will have 5 words I would use to describe the series.

Sense8: Suspense / Empowerment / Hot / Sci fi / Action / What

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4 thoughts on “Netflix: Sense8

    1. I used HotSpot Shield, the elite version. It’s all a little confusing to me but somehow I managed to use that and get my internet working as if I was home 🙂

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