Weekend in Chicago

I wish I started a relationship with Chicago earlier. I’m IMPRESSED. Chicago came on the map for me because Wafiq flew a direct flight to America and landed in Chicago. I figured instead of taking a domestic flight to get to Minneapolis from there, I take the 6 hour drive to meet him in Chicago and explore the city before leaving.


I don’t know why, but my previous stereotypes of Chicago were a bit off: Dangerous, too industrial, small, spread out, gangster, boring, poor, cold. (?) A little mix of all those things. So it never really sounded like a place I wanted to explore.

When I first drove into the city the only word that comes to mind when I try to think of my first reaction is –> COOL.

Chicago looked and felt really cool. Slick. Ray ban sunglasses. Suites. Gelled hair. Cocktail dresses. I think because the city is huge + everyone is hustling + good looking + lots of bars + lots of happy hours + lots of happy people + suites + young adults + work + business + public transportation >  I felt this is a city to be in.

Right away I was smiling. I felt I was in the mix and up to speed. Let’s do this + a little envious I wasn’t in this hustle. I was there for about a day and a half. Such a short amount of time.. And Wafiq had jetleg so we were pushing through some major sleep deprivation, BUT none the less, Chicago did not disappoint. Both of us pushed through to make the most of our time and were pleasantly surprised.

BeFunky Collage

We were recommended the following, and were not disappointed:

Purple Pig for a cute, cozy dinner

Portillos for every meal of the day

Pizzeria Uno for.. the best pizza. Ever.

Millenium Park to see “the bean” and other architectural crazies (don’t bring dogs)

Montrose Point for relaxing views of the city

But there was SO SO SO much to do (which is how I fell in love) and I know we didn’t even scratch the surface. I’m anxious to get back and do some damage on this awesome city.

Chicago IS cool. Please go discover it for yourself  <3

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