Little Life Update

The hard part with blogging right now in my life is figuring out what to say. I barely know what to think. I barely know how to have conversations with people – so writing down anything is near impossible.


My life plan literally changes day to day. In extreme ways. One day, I’m looking up plane tickets to visit Austin so I can take my time planning out my future and be around my BEST friends.  The next day I’m SOLD on packing up all my things and driving to California and living the California dream. And the day after I’m budgeting living expenses and visa options in London.

Each choice I’m passionately convinced I’m going to do.. Until the next morning when I have another idea that sounds even better.

I was thinking – I should’ve blogged every single day what my “plan” was, so you can see how all over the place I am. I’m out of control.

It’s beginning to drive me a little insane. Therefore, I’m going to put my finger down on something and just DO IT. I can’t say it’s going to make sense, or be the right thing, or be smart, or interesting, or logical, or exciting but I gotta do something.  Stay tuned.

Part 2 of this post — > I’ve also been busy with visitors lately. I want to post pictures and post some other blog posts I have in mind but haven’t really had time.

I spent a week at my cabin (made a video of that), my friend’s from Austin came, Wafiq is here!, visited Chicago (amazing!), went through culture adjustments that have some awesome stories attached – AND I need to write about it all!

Writing helps me.

So I’ll be up here again soon. And back at it more often.. I hope <3


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3 thoughts on “Little Life Update

  1. Don’t get cray cray and stress out. You’re a pro, and I know where ever you choose you will make the best of it. That’s your personality. I know and have seen you make boring things fun and make you’re own memories and experiences. You got this gurrrl! Just don’t forget about us Austin people! We miss you and we hope you find your way back… SOON! Or I do at least. 😉

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