Have you gone to Target?

I mean if I was someone who knew me – I hope that would be their first question for me since moving back to America. Have you gone to Target?

So let’s get it out of the way.. yes. Yes I have. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

And Chipotle twice. 2 days in a row. And I might go back tomorrow.

Anyways, now that the important questions are answered… I’m back in America! The travel was ROUGH. I made the rookie mistake of getting a full night sleep before my 7:00am flight – so I ended up staying awake for the ENTIRE 14 HOUR flight! YAY!


To be honest, I didn’t think that was too bad. I mean it sucked but I kept myself busy with movies. The problem hit me in Seattle with my 5 hour layover. I was very ready to sleep and it was morning. So I sat like a zombie for 5-6 hours waiting for my next flight. That was torture. Basically, I was awake for 26 hours straight. Not sure how I managed that.

The past couple days being here I’ve been feeling sickish + off with my sleep + just trying to get my head on straight. I’m so anxious and excited to see everyone I missed so much and even people I haven’t met, strangers! Anyone American at this point..  Obviously, coming from living in Dubai for a year and a half will take a day or two adjustment, but I feel great today and I have a list of things to do and people to see and phone calls to make as soon as my head is facing forward and my eyes come uncrossed.

YAY! America! I’m so incredibly happy to be here!


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