My Top Ten – WORST of Dubai

It’s only fair – If I tell you what I LOVED doing in Dubai for the year and half I lived here, I also tell you what I should have AVOIDED. Here is my list of the WORST activities from my times out + about in Dubai. I actually had a hard time remembering the bad because I tried so hard to erase them all from my memory! POOF! So, in no particular order…

Top Ten WORST of Dubai

1. Clubs: Don’t go. Don’t go. Don’t go! If there’s anything I regret it’s going to a “club” in Dubai – even once! I hate I spent any money at any of them, ridiculous! And by clubs I’m also referring to the popular “beach clubs”. No. No. No. NO! If you want to be a rock star > I suggest you book a flight to Thailand, party like a king for the night, and fly back to Dubai for the same amount of money you’ll spend at a boring, lame, fake, stupid “club” in Dubai. I can’t!




2. Restaurants: Ok, obviously not all restaurants – but you have to do your research. There’s A LOT of restaurants that SUCK SO BAD and cost a fortune! WAAAHHHHHHHH! WHYYY?!?! Erase!

This was at a GOOD restaurant – “Claw”.. Thought I should disclose that info.


3. Concerts: I know this is contradicting my favorite > seeing Drake in concert… But most concerts = bad crowds. I wouldn’t spend money to go again 🙁IMG_4204


4. The Park: No dogs + 2 billion people…..? No.



5. Public Beach: Not the place to be. Unless you like weirdo’s staring at you + sharing the beach with the same population as China.



6. Summer: This applies to anything outdoors in the Summer. (And when I say summer – I’m referring to March -> December) It’s just TOO hot. I think I tried to fight it and continue on with my day to day activities and my weekend plans.. But that’s a bad idea. Torture! The sea water is HOT. The car is HOT. The ground is HOT.  The sky is freaking CLEAR! Even thinking about it makes me want to cry a little. Like a frustration cry.



7. Movie Theater: In the Middle East all the theaters CUT OUT scenes in a movie. Too much violence? Kissing? Swear words? = Cut! I saw this movie that I think was probably rated PG in the States.. It was with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, and they went on vacation to Africa – anyone remember it? Great movie. Anyways, at the end they kissed (I think). It was a romantic comedy and in the end, grand finale, they kissed, and what happens?! It’s cut out! That’s one example, of many, why I hated going to the movie theater in Dubai.



8. Grocery Shopping: This was unavoidable but I wish it could have been different. Really. The grocery stores are inside Malls. No quick and easy run to the grocery store. You have to find parking at the Mall and then make your way to the grocery store.. And from there the list goes on. Don’t even get me started about grocery selection.



9. Coffee: This goes out to all my Americans! You’ll feel my pain! WHERE IS THE DRIVE THROUGH COFFEE?! Where?! Last time I went INSIDE a coffee shop for a quick coffee they insisted I “take a seat” as they handed me a menu?! NO! No menu! I want coffee and I don’t want to sit! To go! TO GO!



10. Mail: Don’t do it… I said, don’t do it! Mail is a problem I’ve been struggling with since my arrival. I’ve given up. There’s no hope. I think there are several nice items on the bodies and in the pockets of many people around the world – because it sure isn’t with me. Even though yes, it’s 2015… Forget it. Lost cause.

photo 3

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