My Top Ten – BEST of Dubai

I tried to keep this list to activities rather than accomplishments. For example – getting the job I really wanted would definitely be at the top of my list but I wanted to stick to activities so I can always remember the things I went out and did while living here.. Also, in case anyone visits or is deciding to move to Dubai, this list might be helpful.  🙂  In no particular order…


Top Ten BEST of Dubai:

1. Safari Tour: I went twice and I would go again. This makes my top ten for a lot of reasons. Desert, Henna, Falcons, Camels, Food, The energy, The people… Everything I want in one place? Sign me up!



2. Yacht Party: Although I said there is no order to this list, I think the Yacht Party comes in at #1. We organized it for Juliana’s birthday when her and Leeann visited. Since then I haven’t found a better view of some of the most reputable buildings in Dubai. The best view is from the ocean, and this Yacht party offered that + food, drinks, swimming, music, a captain, friends and so much more.  To top it off, with enough people it’s not even too expensive! If I had it my way, I would’ve done this every weekend. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone visiting, just get it organized! No excuses!



3. Drake in Concert: He spoke to me. Rap is poetry and Drake was giving me all the right poems. His energy and timing was everything. He made it performing in Dubai and I felt like I made it now that I came, saw, and conquered Dubai. Da best.



4. Atlantis: I mean, Atlantis itself is a vacation. The water park, concerts, restaurants, beach… list goes on forever and it’s all magical! The other part that I always loved and appreciated when I went to Atlantis was the crowd and people. So many awesome, happy, vacationers and the whole hotel had an energy about it that was filled with excitement that was extremely contagious!



5. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Most – Amazing – Piece – Of – Architecture – I’ve ever seen!!!!! Takes your breathe away. Again, if you visit this region you have to go check out this Mosque! Yes please! WOW!



6. Camping in Oman: YES! This is the bomb dot com of things to do! I had so so so much fun camping – it’s an adventure I’ll remember forever. With the mountains to our back, ocean in front of us, and no one in sight… How could I not live for this moment!



7. Salsa: Oh yeah, that’s right. Salsa. Wafiq and I took Salsa class and we died for it. For three months we were in a course of about 10 people with 2 teachers. We went out to Salsa clubs, Salsa performances, did the whole Salsa sha-bang! Although you can probably do this anywhere in the world, I did it in Dubai so it makes this list.  And actually this was one of the best ways I was finally able to meet and build friendships with people, so maybe that’s why I put it at the top of my list. (Below is a funny video I found of Wafiq and I Salsa dancing. We always tried to record ourselves so we could see what to do better OR to see how badass we looked..)


8. Bahrain: Awwwww cute Bahrain. It’s the perfect vacation from Dubai (which is necessary). From the minute you get off the plane you can immediately sense the relaxed, laid back feeling that I was looking for in Dubai. Bahrain always delivered. I loved it.



9. Burj Khalifa / Fountain: Every single time I went to watch the fountain show outside Burj Khalifa I was amazed + in love. I will truly miss driving by this HUGE ASS building every single day + going for dinner near the fountain show at night. Spectacular!



10. Shopping: I believe shopping in America is better than Dubai, there’s so much variety that Dubai doesn’t have.. yet. And affordable. BUT I found a couple shops that I couldn’t stay out of and my heart will be broken without them in my life. I’m that serious and that dramatic.


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