Dubai Fountain Show

I’m on a mission.


I need to take all my “tourist” photos and videos of Dubai before I leave! I can’t spend a year and a half in this visually appealing Emirate and not have an album full of awesome photos, that’s completely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, because I LIVED in Dubai, my focus wasn’t always on photo’s and capturing the extraordinary masterpieces Dubai has to offer. Instead, I was trying to survive. Find a job. Find a friend. Find the grocery store. Find a gym. Find my happiness. Find wine.

Not that I ever took my day to day drive past the Burj Khalifa or the many lunches and dinners watching the Dubai Fountain for granted. Absolutely not. I just forgot to capture all of these beautiful creations in a photo! I guess I always felt like I had time.

Anyways, I’ll be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (does that really happen) until I leave, trying to get the best photo’s of everything I want to remember to bring back and proudly show anyone interested. Also, to have for the rest of my precious life, hung up on the fridge 🙂

First up —> The Dubai Fountain, right outside the Dubai Mall. This needed some major capturing because, as much as I’m completely in love with every ounce of the United States, this fountain blows the fountain in Vegas out of the water (<is that a pun?). I mean really. This video won’t even do it nearly enough justice, but at least I have one. And it’s hard not to notice the all so glorious beauty that is The Burj Khalifa looking absolutely stunning in the background.  Each fountain show is magically choreographed to a different song.. And no… It never ever got old…


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