Camping in Dibba, Oman

The weather in Dubai has finally given us a break from the smoldering heat and started blessing us with nice, breathable air again. Being able to actually go outside has changed my life.

I’ve heard camping in Oman is a must while living in Dubai. Considering it’s been approximately 9 million degrees the past 6 months I haven’t had a chance to go. I guess I could’ve tried going but I probably would have cooked to my death. With the cooler weather upon us now, there’s no time to hesitate, it’s time to get out there! Lord knows it won’t last long.

So, last weekend was my first real attempt. I would like to call it an adventure but the campsite was about 2 hours away from the house and there was a small city walking distance from our campsite so I don’t know how much of an adventure it actually was. In case of an emergency, we could probably run to the nearest hospital. BUT I still feel it qualifies as an adventure. A one of a kind adventure indeed.


Dibba, Oman was the spot. Right on the crystal clear beach with a huge mountain behind us. No one but the 4 of us campers. The whole beach to ourselves. Being alone allowed us to sing along side the guitar and campfire as loud as we wanted, at one point even contemplating starting our own band…?

Of course, in between the loud screeching sounds of our newly written, grammy award winning songs we had to burn some marshmallows and grill some kabobs. I’m pretty sure the universe or the weather God didn’t like our music as much as we did because out of no where came a gust of wind so strong it blew our canopy away in 5 brief seconds. No more canopy. RIP.

So the music ended and we all went to sleep, but overall it was an amazing camping trip. Relaxing, fun, funny, and beautiful. Well worth the adventure, and yes it will be happening again soon 🙂














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