My favorite snack in the world is:

Dates and Walnuts.


This is the most delicious snack I’ve ever had. And I’m not exaggerating. Dates are the happening treat in the Middle East because their palm trees produce all kinds of fresh, delicious versions of the tasty treat.

I’ve become addicted.  I’ll have to smuggle a suitcase full of them in when I get back. I’ll be sure to share.


Date shops pop up everywhere. In the grocery stores there are entire isles dedicated to them.  For those of you that haven’t tried dates I highly recommend you give them a taste.  Much healthier than candy but just as sweet, and if sweet isn’t your thing not to worry there are date options that are less sweet than others.



Although you can buy dates in all shapes and sizes:  Chocolate covered, walnut stuffed, vanilla dipped, pecan rolled, date paste drizzled, super sweet, fresh and bitter.  My ultimate fav way of eating them is simple… A plain date, any kind, with a walnut on the side. There is no better treat. And it’s guiltless.  Probably not guiltless in the amounts I eat them, but for the average human… Guiltless.


As far as purchasing dates in the States I have no idea the process. If they’re easy to find, if they’re rare, if they’re fresh and yummy.. I’m not sure. But I think it’s worth a little investigating. I challenge you to take a look and try. I know when I get back to the States, finding a nice place to buy dates will be something of a priority to me.  Of course, going to Target and eating at Chipotle will be higher on my list of places to go, but eventually finding a good place to go for dates will make the list of things to do.  Hopefully by then, one super special friend of mine will have a recommendation just waiting for me  🙂

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5 thoughts on “My favorite snack in the world is:

  1. I was trying to explain to my mom just the other day about those dates the guy gave us in the spice souk!!! So good and we saw some I think at central market maybe… But apparently she loves dates too! We will have to start a conquest. I’ll letcha know what we find!

    1. You’re mom loving dates is nothing short of what I should’ve expected. When my mom read the post she said “My mom used to make these delicious date bars when we were kids”. Like, why would I not expect people from Minnesota to say this. The questions is, how did I miss out for so long?!

    2. Haha I swear it’s Minnesota women. They are rugged and adventures and have tried everything. She never seizes to amaze me! We went to urban outfitters and she was pointing out all these solid flower patterned outfits. Gee who does that remind me of!? 🙂

  2. those things are addicting , devilish, deliciousness!! ufff.
    They have about 3-4 kinds at Whole Foods….now you have me wanting to try the other types!!!

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