This is a good show. I have to help my Netflix addicts out there because it’s important we stick together. When you finish a series and start looking for a new one there’s a sense of panic weeding through the millions of options. Very overwhelming. Which is why I need to recommend good shows when I find them. Help get through the mess, lessen the stress. I also like talking about my favorite shows with you friends, makes me happy for some oddball reason 🙂


Arrow is adventurous and addicting. Fits the men and women in the family, if you’re forced to find something that suites both. Action and drama. You might have to hang in there a little through season 1, but it’s worth it in season 2.  The actors happen to be very attractive looking, which is always a plus in my book.  I don’t want to ruin anything by saying too much…

So, you’re welcome for helping you enjoy your weekend on the couch.

WARNING: Don’t watch before sleeping, you’ll have some crazy heroic dreams.



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2 thoughts on “Arrow.

  1. I was/am addicted to New Girl thanks to youuuuu…seriously tho i see sooo many similarities in Jess like youu…omg. really. it’s adorable and sad cus some of the things she says I hear you say… ;( i miss you. 🙂
    thanks for sharing your new find…i’ll get on that ASAP 😉

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