First day at a new job kind of story…

I have a funny story.  Or at least I think it’s funny, I’m just not confident I can translate it into writing, but I’ll give it a go. There’s a couple of you over in the States I would die laughing with after telling this so I think I have to give it a shot…

Here it starts.

Today was my second day of work in the office I’m assigned to.  Of course starting work is always a bit intimidating, especially in real estate or probably any other sales job.  You’re walking into an office with people that see you as the new competition.  And for me in Dubai, I’m new competition, new to the country, and new to working with all these different cultures.  Anyways, I made it through my first day smoothly… (Until I left work. I got lost in the 2 elevators it apparently takes to get to my car by getting on a 3rd elevator that was a service elevator?  And a construction worker had to escort me to my vehicle because I couldn’t figure out the simplest task of pushing the buttons inside the elevator after my nerves were flustered so bad.. Can someone say loser?!)

Back to what happened today.  I came bouncing into the office (2nd day of work! Woohoo!) and sat at one of the empty desks that we can use temporarily.  I looked for the computer to turn on and get started. On the floor to my left was the end desk with a computer attached to it. Couldn’t be mine. So I assumed the computer on the floor to my right was the computer for me. I pushed the power button.  It wouldn’t turn on. Hmmmmmmm….

I sat there waiting, paranoid that eyes were on me to see what I’m up to on my second day of work. Of course I’m trying to look cool, like I totally know what I’m doing.  I push the power button again. This time I was sure to hold the power button for a couple seconds to make sure it comes on.  Still nothing.  Then I hear a loud beep from the computer screen to the right of me.  No one is sitting at the desk.  The veteran real estate woman that was there ran to the restroom so it was empty except for all of her paperwork. The screen then starts flashing and proceeds to a blue screen that reads “Force Shut Down”.

OH MY GOD. I forced her computer to shut down.

In this office people are in and out so quickly. Business must be good because they have showings daily. I was already warned not to bother people when they’re busy because often times they’re in filling out paperwork and have to fly out.

Oh my Lord, and I just forced her computer into a shut down. I’m thinking there goes all her paperwork, she’s going to have to start over, she’s going to yell at me.  What do I do?  I stay, I apologize so much, I explain I’m new, I’m blonde, I’m sorry.

Well that would have been a good idea… BUT I ran out. I literally grabbed my purse and ran out of the office.  Out of the building into the 5 million elevators I needed to go through to find my car. And that was my day. Telling this story, I’m realizing I can’t decide what’s worse. Me shutting down her computer OR me running the heck out of there like I just killed somebody. Either way, it’s the first days at a new company I tell you.  Nerves get the best of me!

But hey….


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6 thoughts on “First day at a new job kind of story…

  1. Hahaha omg Katie! That’s awful! Sooo funny but such a stressful situation! But “every woman for her self”! Haha yay to new jobs! You’re probably sleeping but I am in the Houston airport… Next stop London…. Final destination… Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!! Wooh wooooh! 😀

  2. Hahaha that’s awesome. We’ll not really, but funny and will make for a good story for years. 🙂 so you didn’t go back at all that day? Too funny.

  3. Hey! Such a funny story.. As a matter of fact I’m about to join Betterhomes also.. How’s it to work there.. Are they really strict with their targets?
    Thanks in advance and keep writing.. Look forward to reading more of your blog

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