It’s about time. Work.

I FINALLY accepted a job here in Dubai.  In my opinion, not working the past couple of months was not by lack of effort, an excessive amount of money, or no desire..  I couldn’t find a job I felt right about.

I wanted something that I enjoyed going to, at least a majority of the time.  Dubai is an expensive place to live day to day so of course I wanted something to keep me financially stable.  And I wanted a company with a good reputation, that was organized and had an human resource department.  Having worked in small companies with no HR department before, lets just say finding a company with one was on the top of my list.

I never closed myself off to just real estate jobs either. As long as it fit everything else, I was open to different career paths. Follow the plan of God and go with the flow! Anyways, I went on about 9 million interviews. Felt hopeful, felt unhopeful. At one point, I had 5 interviews scheduled the same day…  I felt like a robot. Same questions over and over and over. Same answers over and over.

Until, I finally decided to accept my offer from a company called Better Homes.  Of all the real estate companies I interviewed with, this one appeared to take the cake. Set up and organized well. My fingers are crossed!

In order to do real estate in the UAE you need a license (RERA).  I took the courses last week, and I had my test a couple days ago. Let me tell you something, I failed my real estate exam in the United States the first time. Really bad. It was the most frustrating feeling too. So when I had to take the exam here, I studied SO hard. I had ridiculous amounts of anxiety before the test. I thought I may pass out or possibly vomit on myself while entering the classroom. I even imagined what that would look like and how I would then proceed to clean myself.

So here’s how it went.  I scored a 94%. One would think: WOW that’s great, good job. And that is true, WOW great, good job Katie…. You freak! No one here studies for the test, no one takes the test that seriously, and no one scores that high.  When I told people my score they looked at me with a face that said “…Why?”  Needless to say, it’s fantastic I passed. I hate tests, glad it’s over. But I made need to invest in some chill pills in the near future.

The Classroom.. Understand, I was trying to sneak this photo
The Classroom.. Understand, I was trying to sneak this photo

Currently, I’m starting my training at Better Homes and then I’m out on the field trying to be gangster and hustle some money. I’ll let you know how the hustle is going as soon as I figure it out myself…

For those of you that aren’t aware, my best buddy Juliana is coming to visit in a couple days which couldn’t make me happier. Really. Nothing could make me happier right now than seeing a familiar best friend.  I have lots of adventures planned for her so I’ll be sure to post pictures and fill you in on the stories.. that I’m allowed to share 😉

Toodles for now!

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