I LOVE Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the greatest!

What gets better than a day to remind people to say I love you?! And show people you care about them. And remind yourself to tell them more often…


I know Valentines Day critics argue that Valentines Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” but I say who cares? You spend money on drive thru coffee every morning, happy hour at the bar after work, and a fancy gym membership you don’t use the gym for… What’s the big deal in buying an extra flower at the grocery store, or even making your own card, or giving someone a big humungous uncomfortably tight hug.. heck even a surprise smooch on the lips if you’re daring!

Valentines Day is a fantastic day. I used to hate it because I never had a boyfriend. All Valentines Day meant for me was a romantic day filled with surprises from your smoking hot boyfriend that probably included flame throwers, latin dancing, and vacation getaways. In my dreams.

It took time but I changed my way of thinking. I realized Valentines Day can be much more than the cheesy romance. If you’re single, which I have been many years of my life, it’s a day that allows you to really appreciate your closest friend… and dog.  And appreciate that that’s sometimes better than a relationship  😉

No matter what day it is, I believe we should use Valentines Day to remind ourselves throughout the year to stop and look around at all the people we care for and make sure we tell them. Parents, BFF’s, boyfriend, wife, grandma, doggie, fish, homeless person, children…. They all need a little lovin, so we need get out there and tell them!  Valentines Day, thank you for being there and reminding us of this 🙂



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3 thoughts on “I LOVE Valentines Day

  1. RED is definitely YOUR color. 🙂 so fierce!
    i thought of your red dress our Valentine’s Day circa 2009….anddddd I have a funny story.
    As Marcus and I are out and about being funny drunkies with each other, this older gentleman comes to the bar and orders 4 drinks for 4 ladies. Who were much younger then him. And quite slob Kabobs. What a weird scenario, right?

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