Netflix Delivery

I always used to exchange my favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix with my peeps, so I wanted to keep that going on a larger scale and share my new addiction: New Girl

If at all possible, I stay away from TV Comedies because I find them boring but I was forced into watching New Girl.  I have one channel in my apartment at the moment and New Girl happened to be playing and it took one episode for me to look it up on Netflix and start watching. I’m glad I did, because I literally laugh out loud watching. And I promise it’s not just for girls, it might be even more funny to guys. Anyways, highly recommend it for all you Netflix addicts. You’re welcome in advance 🙂

New Girl
New Girl
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6 thoughts on “Netflix Delivery

  1. AWW it looks cute!!
    I’m watching it this wknd since it’s sooooo cold to go outside.
    did you know its a polar vortex here, PS!???
    okkkk don’t compare this with what your mama says about Minnyland, ok…just trust me…IT’S COLD.


    1. I heard it’s like “snowing” or something like that.. Imagine, if it’s that cold in Texas my poor family in Minnesota must really be FREEZING! You’ll LOVE this show, I promise. I laugh out loud by myself watching 😉 🙂 🙂

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