Daily Challenge: Fast Forward

I was having writers block…

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Ok, that’s a joke. I think you have to be a writer to have writers block?  But I felt I was becoming boring blabbing about my day to day activities so I decided to do a “Daily Prompt”. They appear on the homepage when I log on to my blog. Basically they ask you a question and you’re supposed to blog about it that day.  So the question was “If you could fast forward to any day in the future what day would it be?”

Katie’s Answer:  I think fast forwarding life in general would suck. I hate how fast it feels already. There’s so much I want to do.  But if I could go to one day in the future and then come back, I would chose January 7th, 2015. I’m living so day to day right now that I wonder what it’s all going to look like put kind of together in a year. Or if I even survive that long. So much is going to change and happen, I really can’t even imagine or picture it in my imagination. I have no clue where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing tomorrow, much less in one year. Fast forwarding probably wouldn’t even be so bad, then I could skip all the messy trial and error and figuring stuff out. No need to fast forward too far, just send me one year to the future!

Ok, back to blabbing about my day to day life.

Wafiq going all out Arab on me
Wafiq going all out Arab on me

I went back to Bahrain this weekend. Unlike last time I was there, this time I wanted to stay. Not just for one day, for like a year. Dubai is like Vegas, so much going on all the time. Everything you want to do is like a full production set, with actors, lighting, and cameras. Eating, driving, shopping, exercising.. It’s all a huge production. Add in that it’s all brand new to me and that equals energy overload.

Getting off the plane in Bahrain, then driving home, I felt so calm. The most calm I’ve felt since I started this whole world traveler act. Bahrain is smaller and feels more like a place people actually live and raise families. You can go do things without the big lights and camera production set.  I wanted to stay.

Took a ride on the bike in the desert!
Took a ride on the bike in the desert!
humpty dumpty sat on a wall...
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…
Whatever you do, don't charge me!
Whatever you do, don’t charge me!

We spent a day out in the desert. It’s camping season so they set up HUGE tents. Very luxurious if you compare them to the little Academy easy-set-up tents I was used to using.  I can’t say one is better than the other, just a different experience. I like my easy-set-up tent, do it all yourself camping trips 🙂  But I also loved being out at the desert, such a break from commotion!

The campsite
The campsite
The Tree of Life out there in the desert.. Just livin strong
The Tree of Life out there chillin in the desert.. Just livin strong
Yousef making us some tea
Yousef making us some tea

Conveniently, the Bahrain International Air Show was this weekend.  To my surprise it was a good time. Planes from all over the world were there and you could walk around/inside them.  They had the air show which was something I’ve never seen, also it made me more afraid of heights than I already was, if even possible. Like how do planes go THAT fast? Omg. And then they had planes that made NO noise. How creepy is that?!  Soooo, never send me to war. I would hide in a ditch crying. Just creepy these machines the world can produce now.

It felt good to see the US air force here :)
It felt good to see the US air force here.  Even though I feel so far away, United States isn’t going anywhere 🙂

photo 2

photo 1

But here I am, back in Dubai, feeling refreshed and ready for the week!  I start work this week, I’ll share details after I get things more figured out.

For now, I leave you with this little something to think about:


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