January 7. 2014

On your birthday, it’s never too early to drink wine right? Especially in a 5 cent cup you found in the grocery store below your apartment?


The day in the life of January 7th and Kathryn Ann. This January 7th couldn’t have been any better. Here’s some reasons why…

1. It’s not 153 F degrees BELOW ZERO  like it is in the homeland of Minnesota, where I spent 18 years of January 7th’s. I’m sorry you guys, but it’s true. I’m spending this birthday in the warm sun.

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2. I stayed inside my apartment, with no make up or fancy dress, or lots of money, or people to talk to. Just a whole lot of cake. In all varieties. And wine. Lots of wine. And cards, Shanghai to be specific, my absolute fav. Birthday hats, balloons, and music to be included.  Being in a new place, everything you do everyday is new, meeting new people and learning new things and trying so hard to adjust and fit in. Being able to stay in my apartment, feel comfortable, like myself, and relaxed was all I wanted. Almost a break from everything else. A recharge.


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3. The next day I finished off my birthday with a little shopping at the Organic Grocery Store, which I’ve been waiting to do for so long. I feel so much better now with my little organic munchies. Then I got treated to a Steak and Potato dinner. With wine. SO delicious, I couldn’t have asked for a better tasting steak and more relaxing restaurant. Seafire at the Atlantis Hotel (Where the islands are shaped like a Palm Tree). Just PERFECT.

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photo 2

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4.  Last but most DEFINITELY not least, all the wishes I got from my friends and fam. My birthday tends to sneak up on everyone, inlcuding myself, because it’s right after the holidays.. But everyone, even from across the world, managed to give me birthday wishes. That was the best, most special part. Thank you thank you thank you. I really mean it.

photo 5

And that’s Katie’s January 7th. 2014. AKA: My Birthday

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3 thoughts on “January 7. 2014

  1. Hi Katie,

    I sent you a text. Don’t know if you get texts. Love your blog and Happy Birthday. Happy you had a good one.

    Love you Joan

    1. Hi Joan!
      I didn’t get your text, I don’t have my same phone number. You’ll have to ask my mom how to text me, there’s something you have to download on your phone. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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