Katie’s Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

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From myself and the sandman, we hope you all have a festive, happy, Christmas Day and rest of the year!

In the spirit of Christmas and presents and what not… Can we take a minute to talk about these malls in Dubai, oh my gosh.  And I thought the ones in Bahrain were big.  They have any store you can imagine in your brain, and so much more! If I had money this would be so dangerous… therefore… ATTENTION: Calling anyone with a lot of money – If you want to send me your large sums of cash money to do some serious shopping just shoot me an email and I’ll get right to it, thanks!

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I feel so special today. I got a spray tan.

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Ok, getting the spray tan was pretty fantastic and made me want to jump for joy… but Wafiq’s family gave me even more to jump about!

As if they haven’t done enough already feeding me every meal of every day + some , they had a Christmas Eve dinner/get together planned tonight.  With a big turkey as the centerpiece 🙂  I was so excited for the meal I didn’t even think to take a photo.

But we followed it up with a competitive game of Clue which we were able to capture on camera. It was Scarlet, with the pistol, in the living room if anyone asks 😉

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Then, surprise gifts for Katie?! What have I done so right?! Jeez Louise. Even a little jar to collect money to fund for my Bernice to come?!  How cute was that?! So special to me.


And as if they could read my mind as I walked through the malls here, all I wanted was a little nice small purse that could go with everything and BAM that’s what I got. I even took it upon myself to model it for all, you’re welcome for these shots.

photo 2

Needless to say it was a merry Christmas for Katie.  I hope everyone else had a merry Christmas too, or merry whatever celebration or activity they did today.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” SO SING LOUD TODAY!

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