Goodbye to the Goodbyes

Praise the Lord.

Now that it’s the night before I take off on my adventure to Dubai, I’m officially done saying goodbye to everyone. I can’t squeeze another goodbye in even if I wanted to. I HATE saying goodbye, mostly because it’s sad. It makes me feel like I’m never going to see these people again, and I don’t feel like that’s the case. Anyways, I wanted to post some pictures of my busy last few days…

Here’s the Droen fam, Grandma Betty included. I’m always in Minnesota for just a couple of days and these guys continually impress me because they all manage to come together for a dinner with me, even on such late notice.


And here’s a picture of my favorite crew. Wafiq, Me, Brother, Mom, and Dad. (Missing: dogs)


By the way we’re wrapped up like eskimos in all the pictures because the weather had a crisp high of ZERO degrees while we were in Minnesota. Nice way to welcome us 🙂

BeFunky_photo 3-2.jpg            BeFunky_photo 2-3.jpg

photo 4-1   photo 5-1

The snow did make for some good Christmas card photo opportunities…

photo 1-2

I’m 100% sure leaving my little baby girl Bernice at home was the saddest part of this whole sha-bang 🙁

I’m going to bring her to Dubai soon, hopefully in a month or two.. But still, I haven’t been away from this little doggie since I rescued her.  I can NOT wait for the post when I can tell you I was reunited!  The one thing that makes it all easier is how happy she is.  She LOVES the snow, and LOVES the yard, and LOVES the other dogs…

photo 1-3

I’m realizing, I think the older you get the more people you have to say goodbye to?  When I left high school to go to college, Minnesota to Texas, I didn’t say goodbye to anyone but my mom, dad, and brother. I pretty much just left.  In my head I was imagining this experience the same way. I liked it.

But this time I felt I couldn’t do that. I wanted to, and even tried to just leave. But I couldn’t. I think it’s because you get older and your relationships are stronger, maybe because you’ve had longer to develop them.

I think, you also find people to be your friends that you really love. Not just acquaintances, or friends that make you look “cool” like you might try to do when you’re younger  (Which some still try to do because they’re still younger in their brains, but that’s another story).  Now it’s all people you love and consider family, it’s nice. Sad to say goodbye to.


Here’s the pretty little sunrise the Minneapolis airport gave us on the way out…

photo 2-1

I’m so happy the goodbyes are over.

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