20 days and counting..

I keep waiting to get emotional. Nervous, doubtful, or of course sad. I’m usually a super emotional, always crying person as it is. I thought, ok when I buy the ticket it’ll be a for sure deal and I’ll get overwhelmed with emotions. Nope.

Ok, then when I tell my parents, I’ll get emotional.  That’ll definitely be the sad part. So, I told my parents, and I did just fine.  Not sad.  Maybe that was because their reaction wasn’t the best or most supportive (at first) and because I’m so stubborn I was angrier than sad.  (They’re super excited for me now, by the way. They’re getting their passports ready)

Ok, so now I’m preparing to give my notice at work.  Honestly, I’ve been thinking about the day I’d be able to go in to work and give my notice for a while.  I knew it wasn’t the fit for me.  And that day was finally here.  So I walked into work, went straight to my boss Churree, gave her my notice, and that was it. I felt normal. Not sad.  Just normal. Like moving to Dubai and quitting the job I had so many ups and downs in for 3 years was no big deal. Other people were crying and I couldn’t if I tried..? Why?!

So here I am, leaving in 20 days and not worried, sad, scared, or doubtful. Just ready.  I’ve done random moves before, and both times I was extremely emotional and crying all the time. So this time is confusing me.  I’m starting to think it’s because I’m genuinely ready for something different. Yeah, I’m sad about the friends I won’t get to see everyday, but my excitement is much more than that. I want a challenge and something that’s going to push me, and preferably push me the right direction. I want to learn and grow and meet people and work me booty off and make some money and struggle a little and zen. Just anything except boring.  So what the heck is there to be emotional about?!

I’ll be moving to Dubai December 10th. Yippee!

Why Dubai?

It’s time for me to get out of Austin,  I’m bored

My BFF Wafiq is there with his family so I won’t feel totally alone

Hopefully I can nail down a job I really like going to every day..  Imagine?  🙂 

Beaches are like my heaven and free therapist (Something about the ocean and waves makes me happy..?)

Why not

I’m going to try to blog like the cool chick that I am. Because I really like a lot of people that I won’t get to talk to all the time, and that makes me sad.  So maybe this way I can somewhat stay in good touch with a lot of them, that would make me really happy 🙂

Challenge excepted. Dubai, bring it on!


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